Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

It’s in the OP regarding Switch players.


thank you for pointing that out…clearly, I missed that one

my bad

I agree with CB on most things, but you’re right on this particular item, there’s no discrimination, just a timing issue

did the thread you created about fallacies get deleted?

I wasnt sure if you had read my initial reply, and I can find the thread now…


I can’t even make it to the bottom of this thread, so I’m just going to put this here.

Obsession might not be the proper word here but then again it might be. I started playing Overwatch late in 2019. The pink mercy skin was already gone and I do like it and want to see it come back so that I may have a chance to obtain it.
Frankly, I haven’t found anything remotely close to my wish coming true, but that isn’t to say that it may never come. Noone knows what tomorrow may bring. So someone’s want for the skin is reasonable.

I can’t speak for everyone, I can only speak for myself on this.

I do agree with some people that if you want to donate just go do it. But the skin sort of was a gift for contributing to the cause and some may see it as a show-off or boasting to everyone else. Which I understand if this is such a case.
Breast cancer runs deep in my family and I donate all I can but I don’t make a scene about not getting the skin. I also didn’t play the game at the time of the cherity going. So my loss there but who knows. No one knows for sure, now do they?


This was false. Though the shop can have exclusive/limited time offer or bundles in it. On October 4th there was no Pink Mercy. Here we are nearing the end of November and no pink Mercy. Sorry but as of this moment she is not back.

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Its sad that in this thread alone over a dozen individuals - perhaps approaching 2 dozen at this point - have all declared with certainty that the skin is not coming back when (as you stated) no one can actually know such a thing.

One can guess, one can posit…but one cannot know

Statements like those just end up depriving the individual in question of credibility


Yes, and yet you declare it will come back, despite being shown time and time again that you can’t know for sure. It’s like you love to contradict yourself!

You could say “The skin might return” or “the skin may return” but instead you chose to broadcast your claim as a fact, when it is not. You’ve by your own standards lost credibility.


Blizzard themselves said it is not coming back, but did it in a cowardly non-committal way.


They made the assumption of what the hand with the heart logo meant. And now we know it’s the “just for you” part of the shop.

Still shows that they’re desperately trying to gasp straws that it might come back when it was addressed it wasn’t.


Since you left out the context here it is:

The statement regarding their plans was in reference to those events.

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Why would the mention the icons as well if it was just in relation to the remix event?

Note they said iconS as in the multiple-Pink Mercy had 3 icons released with the skin.

I’m sorry but regardless what thread it came from they said they have no plans on it returning.

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Why not?

It’s often possible to earn certain icons during events.

Nope these were earned through watching streamers and were designed by an outside party.

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You said he left out context even though the context you provided doesn’t mean the quote can’t reign true in general. It’s not always necessary to include the entire history of the post to understand the message.

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It could also be seen as a broad answer to a narrow question. Blizzard didn’t restrict the statement in the way you suggested. That would look more like, “We have no plans for Pink Mercy during this event.” Instead, Blizzard has been uniform and consistent with the messaging since people started asking for Pink Mercy to return on May 22, 2018. If there’s something to be extracted from their stance on the matter, I don’t see how it would be a message of hope.


You’re so ridiculous, LOL just say you want the skin and move on. What if they do this charity again but with a different skin that’s NOT for mercy, are you still gonna keep the same energy and donate?


Most likely not.

Wished they kept the charity thing-like Children’s Week in WoW.

This sounds like a personal attack to those forum members, due to said forum members never mentioning that they do not want another charity skin to provide funds. Thus I ask that you cease these attacks.


It’s not worth it. They ignore every bit of evidence that indicates that they are the attacker.

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ugh, your annoying comment when I click this thread thinking it’s a new one

Indeed it doesn’t mean that the statement “can’t” apply generally., but we have no reason to believe that the statement applies in general here.

It could, yes. It could also be seen as a specific answer to a specific question. Since one cannot know definitely either way there’s no reason to assume either way. As it stands the return of pink mercy remains a possibility - it could come back or it could not come back. We don’t know.

There’s no need for Andy to say that since it’s already implied by the topic.

There’s nothing to extract. Even if the statement was meant as you believe plans can and do always change.

Said forum members have stated outright that they do not wish the pink mercy skin to return.

Wishing for the skin to return and wishing for another charity skin need not be exclusive of each other.

The skin is ready to go and does not require a skin to be designed from scratch.

So anyone saying that they don’t want the skin to return, is quite literally denying funds for a good cause.