Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

We have no reason to believe it doesnt, either. Just because it was in a thread about the remix doesnt mean it had to exclusively be about the remix. I’ll keep holding onto my hope while you keep holding onto yours.

Correct it doesn’t mean it had to be. But it probably was about that. Since that’s how context works.

The skin may return or it may not - neither of us can say for definite.

The use of that quote to state definitively either way however is redundant.

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Probably not. It was just a thread.

The context of the remix was redundant.

This is how threaded discussions work in a forum. Typically responses have some relation to the original message.

You can also look at the post just above Andy’s by WyomingMyst which states:

For emphasis:

do not expect that skin to be returning in these promotions.

The context was obvious to everyone there but for some reason those who wish to gatekeep the skin have invented their own context.


I dont see anything ridiculous whatsoever about asking o legitimately purchase a legitimate product…same as millions upon millions of transactions all around the world every day

I dont see a need to move on, as the skin has not yet returned, and ergo can (and I’d say should) still be discussed here

Further, this is the Overwatch Forum, where Overwatch-related things are discussed. As this is an OW-related topic, it can and should be discussed here

actually, no, it isnt a personal attack at all

rather, this is simply the fact of the matter, that wanting the skin not to return is also wanting less money to go to cancer research

hopefully, those who currently feel the skin shouldnt return will read and this will give their position further consideration

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It’s laughable to think of it that way, as it’s already been proven many times that some people are already just not willing to donate. Those of us who were willing to donate were already a group that should only be growing. Discouraging us from ever donating again due to being succumbed to a bait in switch tactic when we thought in good faith Blizzard was being truthful about their “last chance” message would be the real step towards wanting less people to donate. Try again, bird.

Neither are all the statements you put under your lame false attack label.


Nah, it can still be general. Again, keep wishing this gives any hope of the skin returning. It doesn’t.

I never even brought up the quote until someone else did since it has very little relevance to the here and now or the future.

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Megadodo, I don’t think you read what I said correctly. I said that no one knows for sure that it will never come back. Do not make it sound like I am telling others it won’t. I was simply stating a fact of what i have found everywhere else pertaining to just this skin.

You already made that point hence my reply, so why repeat yourself? I added that it could be a broad answer.

I never said there was a need. I pointed out that contrary to that suggestion, the answer could be broader and provided an example of what a narrower quote would look like.

You speak of context yet remove the preceding sentence, which provided it. I asked if there was something to extract, not that there necessarily was. You can remain hopeful, but that hope isn’t driven by anything Blizzard has stated in nearly five years. That is the point.


I think we can agree that the quote doesn’t actually settle the matter at all so there’s no reason to bring it up in discussions as if to pretend that it does.

Hopeful? That the skin will return?

Given the amount of demand for the skin that has been expressed, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did return sooner or later.

Blizzard may not have stated anything that would suggest its return, but they don’t need to since actions speak louder than words and their actions tell us everything.

Blizzard has a history of caving to player demand as seen as recently as with the shop changes with the prices being reduced.

They also have a history of bringing back past skins.

So the more we express interest in seeing the skin return, the more likely it is to return.

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That quote is part of the larger message that the skin is unlikely to return. People bring it up since it is part of the topic.

Yes, while I see no issue with having hope. That hope isn’t based on anything from Blizzard.

How do you quantify the demand? Coveting a one-time exclusive charity skin from nearly five years ago is precisely what they expect. It isn’t news that people want something rare and special.

You’re right; they haven’t, and Blizzard’s inaction in nearly five years tells us everything we need to know.

The fact that Blizzard isn’t so rigid concerning game balance, shop prices, and rewards don’t mean anything related to Pink Mercy.

I’m not so sure since this was always the intention.

That would be misrepresenting the message, since you cannot know for certain whether it was meant in the narrow or broader sense.

It absolutely is. It’s based on the past actions of the company.

It’s probably the single most requested-to-return skin. Can you name any skin for which there has been greater demand expressed?

The more time that passes, in fact, the more likely it is to return given that the original owners will have been given an increasingly lengthy period of exclusivity and it will be seen as increasingly justified.

As was already mentioned they’ve already brought back many skins.

I’m not sure what you mean by this?

It seems that thr drmand for the skin to stay exclusive is just as high. Blizzard could just as easily cave to the previous donators than the ones who are begging for the skin.

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Not really no. There is a vocal minority (most of them in this thread) of individuals who wish to keep the skin exclusive. If we were to assume that every single current owner wanted to keep the skin exclusive, that would still be only 1.7%,(a number that has been pointed out by many people when trying to argue for the rarity of the skin.)

That minority becomes increasingly small with the influx of new players who would very likely be interested in acquiring this skin.

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The thing is, you have no data to back that up. Just as many people may agree with us who are to timid to speak up. Its really anybody’s game.


Many new players have also expressed that they understand they just missed out. Not every new player is dying for a pretty pink skin. Especially since Blizzards new model clearly isnt for completionists, the new players arent crying over seeing 154/155 unlocks.

They may not be absolutely desperate for it, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t mind getting another chance at it.

Blizzard also has their own motivations to bring the skin back such as trying to attract people to the support role. Every additional desirable skin has an impact on this even if small.


As established and contrary to what you said, it could be broad or narrow. However, the larger message and inaction point in one direction. No one knows the future, but we can infer based on what we know.

The fact that Blizzard has changed things doesn’t mean everything is subject to change. Adding free rewards or dropping prices (to help with player numbers) isn’t the same as returning a one-time exclusive charity skin.

I’m sure it is, but that demand means nothing when it is the intended result of creating a one-time exclusive charity skin. They expected it back in 2017; the demand and interest began on May 22, 2018.

That justification is weak, and the skin was never promised as a timed exclusive, so this isn’t an issue. The more time that goes on, the less likely it is to return.

Were any of those returned skins also a one-time only exclusive to two-week charity skin for money? Nope, Pink Mercy is the first such skin and is, therefore, a one-of-a-kind skin in the history of Overwatch. She is in a class of her own. She is more closely related to the BlizzCon skins.

That when creating exclusive content, the intention is that it will be coveted by design. This isn’t news. People always want what they don’t have.

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If the new player numbers are correct, it’s now 1.42%. I don’t think it comes down to any of this. Blizzard & BCRF created this campaign; their vision was to craft a beautiful one-time-only exclusive charity skin. And they succeeded in achieving what they set out to do. They are simply upholding that vision nearly five years later. None of us have the power to gatekeep. And the fact that people who don’t own such an exclusive skin want it isn’t a strong point. That is the exact design and intent when creating exclusive content.

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