Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

request denied, and it was a suggestion. i didn’t say “shut up about it” i simply said “just give up” because they have no plans to return it

on the contrary

the statement they made actually adds incentive to continue to discuss it…as plans can and do change

on the other hand, telling fellow forum members to “give it up” or suchlike is inappropriate in a forum explicitly set up for discussion of legitimate overwatch topics like this one

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March 31st of this year


Again, a moderator will handle comments against CoC.

You’re labeling a few things as an “attack” when it’s not.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. As I said, I still don’t get the desire for this one skin in particular.


plans can and do change

role-less queue was removed, but came back

222 was added, and is now going away

etc etc etc

They will probably just add it to a Battle Pass. Don’t worry.

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as a clarification, the items I labeled as an attack and/or containing an attack were an attack and/or contained an attack

with this now fully clarified I wont be discussing it further in this side conversation

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it’s not inappropriate at all. and i’m telling them to simply give up because if it’s been this long and they even admitted themselves they have no plans to return it, i highly doubt pink mercy will come back.

this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have hope, pink can definitely come back in the future, however they announced that there are no plans for it. again this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have hope, because nano cola dva came back. but i’m saying “give up” because they even admitted they won’t add it back again

and also i do wish to have it return again, it would be beneficial to everyone. i could get it to complete my collection for mercy for all her limited skins.

Funny all I did was posted a quote. Didn’t ask for your response.

dw he always does this lol. tbh there’s no fighting with him, the way he types purposely makes the other person mad, and i fall victim to that, so just don’t interfere

Meh true. Also notorious for editing his replies too.


i didn’t even know he did that

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Still remember he fully edited a reply to me a while back while denying it despite having the “edited” icon on the original reply.

So yeah.


He did not ask for your response either, and you did not ask for mine, and I am not asking for yours. It is just kind of how internet discussions work, unfortunately.


Meh I just posted the response from Andy B when addressing the Pink Mercy and he’s trying to play “gotcha”.

But you’re right tho nevertheless.


in reality no one’s asking for any say right now so in reality are we disobeying??? :flushed::flushed:

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any post is in essence an implicit request for a reply, given that any forum member can read any post and can opt to reply to any post

as such, it should never come as a surprise that a post is replied to

as I explained to you when this happened, a year and a half ago or so as best I recall, thats not what happened

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it is inappropriate to tell a fellow forum member to not discuss an Overwatch-related topic on a forum explicitly set up for discussion of overwatch-related topics

If one doesnt find a topic to their personal liking, one can opt to simply avoid it rather than declaring that the discussion shouldnt be taking place


You get a cease and you get a cease, EVERYBODY GETS A CEASE!

im sorry Megadodo i just had to it’s too funny


Ok i just laughed so hard at the dog. He looks mad with the mask on lol :joy:

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