Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

aka horrible people who don’t deserve anything?

It was and is a donation as defined in the original offer

and good has come of it, as about 12 million dollars was added to the war chest

as for the “pretending”: again, wishing to help and wanting the skin are not mutually exclusive things

thank you for mostly returning to topic here


I have made no such statements

the charity doesnt consider them horrible…they work with Blizzard and other entitles to create such “x for a donation” events. they are in favor of them, support them, engage with them

in fact, they’re not horrible

rather, there are some humans inclined to donate without need for recompense and others who require recompense. then there are others who dont donate at all.

people are different, and the charities understand this. they dont call folks from that second group “horrible”. They work with them in order to maximize donations

there is absolutely nothing “horrible” about wanting this skin



So you’re just lying now huh?

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That’s not how it works :hatched_chick:. That’s Charity. If they do an other event it won’t be Pink Ange they need to get tons of donation. I don’t have her and want her too BUT it would be an awful marketing decision to put her back since tons of ppl own her already . Don’t be egoistic and don’t see her as a skin for players collection please :hatched_chick:


First, I stand by what I said

Second, nothing I have said has been a lie

Third, I ask yet again that the personal attacks cease

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I’d rather have a new BCRF event skin and just have Mercy’s brought back as a bonus.

I’m tired of these topics, honestly. I understand wanting them back but there’s so many other threads already made - by you - that I’d rather you have just bumped them. You made the same exact thread 6 days ago. Same title, same body…


So you admit you think you got attacked meaning you think you’re a victim?

Yet another lie.


well, I have to admit here: I hadn’t seen the thread 6 days ago. I guess no one else did either, as there are no responses, and usually there are dozens…sadly, with a large portion of those posts being attacks on other forum members rather than actual discussion of topic

as a reference: the thread from 6 days back: ‘Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

So with that said, sorry, the last one I saw was 3 weeks back…the one that got closed due to all the attacks on fellow forum members

but still

One thing I will defend: 6 days is plenty of time between posts on a given topic

One other thing I will defend: the right of any forum member who wishes to actually discuss this topic in a thread on these forums, which are explicitly provided by Blizzard for the discussion of legitimate OW-related topics like this one


One thing I wont defend: copy and paste of entire original posts

so, I ask CB, the OP of this thread: the topic is legit, but by copying and pasting topics like that you hand ammunition to those who want to attack rather than discuss. Take the time to type out your thoughts, please. no more copy/paste. ok?


I have fully clarified where I stand

with all these items fully clarified, I wont be discussing them further in this side conversation

I do ask yet again that personal attacks cease

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The company can claim its donating some of its proceeds to whatever thats donating cause they are relinquishing some of the value for the product, but to say you donated money is a joke cause you buying the mercy skin didnt donate squat… I bought the mercy skin, and i dont think i did a good thing cause i wanted the skin, it may or may not help people. However There is nothing to feed my ego on about the pink mercy skin i just want it and the reason they did it was irrelevant.

I dont really care whether they put it up for sale or not again my thing is i think its a joke to claim you want to donate to charity and you will only do it for the mercy skin, i think thats a lie that you want to do charity, you just want the skin.

First, Blizzard made it clear from the beginning that the money was a donation to BCRF. If one wishes to believe/claim otherwise, thats one’s perogative, but statements from Blizzard say otherwise

Second, the buyer’s motives are irrelevant. The dollars from a less well intended buyer spend exactly the same towards bc research as those from a saint

Third, wanting the skin and wanting to help the charity are NOT mutually exclusive, though that has been claimed multiple times in this thread. One can want both.

Fourth, it is baseless to state as a generality that anyone who wants the skin only wants that…other forum members almost certainly dont know CB or any of the other participants in this discussion personally, and ergo have no basis to make such a conclusion

Finally, I have told no lies whatsoever in this conversation, and each insistence that I have lied represents a personal attack on me. I ask that these cease.

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Op makes this exact same thread over and over very often. Same text everything.

Instead of “attacking” each and every person unprovoked or for not sharing the same opinion about this skin (especially if they haven’t even spoken to you in the first place), ignore them.

Saying everything is an attack comes off as “I don’t like your stance, therefore it’s an attack”.


I can agree 6 days between topics is okay. But I guess the fact that it’s (as far as I can tell) the same exact thread that kind of irks me.

That’s just a logistical irk, too. Not necessarily about the topic. Like I said, I think the happiest medium is a new event, with a new skin + a chance to get the old skin as well. Something for both parties that’ll satisfy them both. Maybe a new hero who gets a new BCRF skin? :thinking:


Sore loser huh

ive asked him to stop copying/pasting, and hope he will accept my request.

cb: a response from you specifically on this would go a long way towards potentially defusing some of the attacks. please let us know the copy/paste will stop

I can do no more in this regard

Nonetheless, the thread topic remains 100% legitimate

we’ll see how it goes with threads after this one

hopefully the attacks on other forum members will stop

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My best guess is that CB is in a very different time zone than the US time zones I (and many of you responding right now) am operating in, and as such we may not hear from him for many hours

How about a cease fire til then, folks?

You’re not a moderator. A moderator is one to decide what and what is legitimate or not.

We all have our opinions about the Pink skin returning, and not everyone will agree. Threads are generally open for discussion.

As long as people are being fair with their points (no name callin etc), I don’t see why they should stop engaging in the chats.

In the end, no one is going to be right or wrong.

It’s up to Blizzard.

Any disagreement with Dodo is an attack


I am indeed not a moderator.

However, I can (and did) ask him to make this adjustment

emphasis on ask.

a forum mod could insist. I cannot, and did not.

It is my hope that as one of the folks mostly on his side, he will listen

so we’ll see


unfortunately, many of the statements made in this thread so far have not on topic, and worse, many of those have solely been attacks on other forum members or attacks on the right of others to discuss this topic at all. Neither is appropriate in any legitimate thread

agreed again

but talking about people being obsessed with the topic, saying “give it up” or “stop talking about this”, claiming so and so is “lying” or “horrible” - stuff like this has no place here

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