Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

I don’t want it to return. It shouldn’t return, it should stay exclusive to the participants from what is it now? 4 years ago?


You don’t care about BCRF you just want the pink skin with pigtails


I see it as highly improbable that you (any forum member, really) knows CB well enough to be able to legitimately make such a claim about CB’s motivations

as such, this appears to be nothing but an entirely baseless personal attack, and I ask that these cease

that said, as I have stated multiple times earlier, the motivations of the buyer are irrelevant here, as the money BCRF gets spends the same for bc research regardless of the intentions of the buyer


personally, I see it as unfortunate that anyone would want to block the addition of significant funds to cancer research

aside: thank you for engaging the actual topic

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Stop with the charade, if you or anyone is so concerned about raising money, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so right now. Go campaign, but don’t pretend that this is rooted in a desire to raise money for cancer research! Let’s also not pretend that bringing back this skin is going to fundamentally change anything. And don’t conflate someone’s position of not wanting the skin to return with the lack of desire for cancer research. That’s cruel and unnecessary, and it also says a lot about you.


And yet I just did!

No <3


No bc the way y’all actually give Dodo the energy with your replies. I literally could not be asked. Not even bribed. I like to keep it cute and quiet. :relaxed:


so much for sticking with the topic

no sir, theres’s been no charade on my part.

everything I have stated has been genuine and honest from my point of view, and I stand by everything I have stated

I have already covered this item and why it is irrelevant to this topic in other Pink Mercy threads, and of course, you were a heavy participant in the previous one before multiple personal attacks resulted in its closure


not at all

the original offering brought in over 12 million dollars for bc research

if even one tenth of the number of purchases were to occur on a second offering, thats over a million more dollars going into the cancer-fighting war chests

Personally, I see that kind of money as making a difference

when one takes up position x, one accepts the good with the bad.

I do not know what is good about taking up the position that the skin shouldnt return, but I will assume those that take this position have their reasons. However, when taking this position, one also inherently wishes to block additional funds going to cancer research.

It is neither cruel nor unnecessary to point this out. One should understand all aspects of the position one is taking


To be fair, their first response to me was insinuating I was attacking OP for merely wondering why this skin has such a fanbase.

I could say the same about Noire Widow. But asking for it is not as frequent.

This brings up the question if we’ll actually see more charity events once OW2 is out. Not necessarily the same as Pink Mercy.

Also another hero.

Anyway, it’s late. Have a good night, fellow forumers.

It is indeed a charade, and you’re totally disingenuous. There is nothing sincere about anything you have to say in this topic and the other one. You come across as covetous and misleading about your intentions. And you were absolutely conflating when you attempted to bind the fact that I don’t want the skin to return as suggesting that I don’t support “significant” cancer research funding. You don’t even know if that’s the case, you just want your $15 skin so you could satisfy your own selfish desire to have it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but stop pretending it’s anything but.


as I said, I find it highly unlikely that you know CB well enough to legitimately

…emphasis on legitimately…

make such a claim about him

so while you did make a claim, you did not make a legitimate claim, and that was what my statement said

ah well, I did ask…

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If blizzard sold the skin on the basis it was legitimately limited time only, they can get into legal trouble for bringing it back.

Do you really think blizzard wants more legal trouble at this time? Over an ugly skin hardly anyone will even bother buying anymore?


Please just give it to them. It’s not even a good skin. Let them have their schoolgirl pigtails mercy so we don’t ever have to hear about it ever again.

this is incorrect. an attack is an attack on its own merits or rather lack thereof. It has nothing to do with whether I agree or not

that said, this statement is an attack on me, and I ask that these cease

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I ask for the personal attacks to cease

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I dont see it being offered again for another week or month (hey, October is BC Awareness month, and its right around the corner) as violating the defintion of “limited time”. itd still be a limited time.

also, I have heard many folks claim that there could be legal trouble if they brought it back, but like this post, it hasnt passed the point of being unsupported speculation. On a related note, tho – quite honestly, BCRF has millions of reasons to want it to be brought back

First, this is an opinion stated as if it were a fact. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that

Second, given that about 900 thousand of these were sold in the original offering, I’d say there are many many many many folks who disagree with this opinion

Third, how many OW skins include their own sound bites? I think this alone makes this one kinda special, albeit not unique

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It would be the very definition of false advertisement.

Just let it go, dont be like this.

not at all, as it would remain an offerring available for a limited time

this was already covered in full earlier in this thread

but one more time:

Given that threads like this demonstrate the continued strong interest in this skin to the world, including the decision makers involved, I see it as a very bad idea to “let it go”

That said, these forums were created explicitly for discussion of legitimate ow-related topics. this is a legitimate ow-related topic. as such, this discussion absolutely belongs here

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Threads like this just shows it is a very minute amount of creepy obsessed people who cant let things go.


this statement amounts to nothing more than yet another attack on forum members who simply wish to discuss this topic

I ask yet again that these attacks cease

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There is no discussion, it is not coming back. That is the point, obsessing constantly on something that is never going to happen is just plain creepy.