Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

I’ll just say 4 words: bring back Pink Mercy :pleading_face: :sob: :dove:

It is passed more than 4 years since a truly special charity event when gamers all around the world donated money to the BCRF - Pink Mercy. However there are still millions of people, who wanted to help but for some reasons couldn’t participate in it. It’s time to act and answer the call! It’s time to bring back this event and achieve several things, which are incredibly important!
First of all, the players of the Nintendo Switch platform did not have the opportunity to participate in this charity event and could not support the BCRF company (explanation: access to the Overwatch game in 2019, and the action was foreseen in 2018). As a result, Blizzard Inc seriously discriminates against the players of this console, by not returning this event in the game.
Secondly, gamers will donate more money to the BCRF, so more and more people, who need help, will get it. We all will be like guarding angels, who save innocent lives. Remember - more times we have this event, then we will get more money for the better and more accurate breast cancer research, then more lives are saved!
All in all, I am completely sure that Pink Mercy must return in Overwatch 2. Moreover, the most favorable decision will be to leave this skin in the store forever so that players of all platforms can donate money to charity at any moment. Remember - more times we have this event, then we will get more money for the better and more accurate breast cancer research, then more lives are saved!
Heroes never die!


I agree we should bring pink back :two_hearts:

Hopefully one day they will make color variants of the original skin, there would be no legal problems…

Purple mercy

Leave the poor horse alone.
It’s not coming back.

  1. Merging is coming, so comsietcs will be shared across platforms.
  2. No, that’s not discrimination.

Nothing is stoping you from donating.

Please stop making boards about it.

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Stop spamming

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this is an old thread…created 6 days ago but never replied to back then

this is the replacement thread:

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If you really want to support the cause they could just donate directly and not try to get something in return. Just do it out of the kindness of your heart and not for cosmetic gain.


I support the return of pink mercy

Here’s the pink mercy skin, now go buy it


It’s not coming back. It’s never coming back.

Repeat this phrase for 60 minutes.

You cannot possibly know this for certain. All they said is no current plans, doesn’t mean plans can’t change.

You clearly didn’t hear me correctly. The Pink Mercy skin, previously released in 2019 to support the BCRF, is not nor will come to the game ever again.

This statement is incorrect.


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This adds nothing substantial to the discussion.

When has it been proven incorrect, bub?

The burden of proof lies with the person making the definitive claim(s). As you cannot know for certain, your statement remains incorrect.

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Oh. I understand.

(Relatively recent too!)