Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

And if they took the time to make a new skin it wouldn’t discourage people from donating again for a new exclusive skin, as you stated before. But Mega won’t address that.


Grow up, The real world does not cater to your wants, You want to donate for cancer research? Do it. Stop calling any attempt to show what you do a personal attack.
You think it is? Report me, Go for it. I did indeed try to have a serious conversation with you but seeing as you seem to take any small statement that is mildly negative toward you in any way as a personal attack, I’m not going to change what I said, Its accurate to what you do.
You clearly don’t want a serious conversation considering the way you act.

Wont change the fact you just want a skin other people have had for over 4 years, That is not coming back.

Is there proof it will? Show me.
Ive shown you proof now show me yours, I’m not scouring through 400+ posts for “facts” you have been apparently showing yet not saying.

Your excuse that its for the benefit of cancer research is a bad statement, As you apparently will only donate when the skin is on display.
The action of donating literally states, “the making of a gift especially to a charity or public institution” or the other definition “a free contribution”

You don’t want to make a donation, Just a purchase. Stop hiding behind a honorable veil when you can barely handle benign statements that are common in every day life.

Oh wait was that also a personal attack? I do apologize.


Police! Police! There’s a personal attack up in here


I don’t think they ever intended to do regular donation-style charity events like this anyway. The Pink Mercy skin seems to be a one-n-done deal. I know in WoW they had some stipulation on bringing a limited time event item back for the Horde… a Horde themed bike, but the Alliance can buy their counterpart now because of some contest thing. Not saying that the same applies to Mercy skins at all… but who knows!

I don’t care either way if they bring it back; but if they did I’d want them to do another charity event. I like them in video games, I think it puts the gamer community in a positive light.

And thank you! Nice to see a familiar name. Conversation got stagnant and circular on here so I moved on to other things… and now I’m here to complain about not being able to log in! I peep in from time to time and see the same talking points and know that it was a healthy decision to take a break. But you’re right-- it really has been years! :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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There are a lot of repeating exclusives. Like every holiday/seasonal skin.

Hell, the event the skin was made for IS a seasonal event.

Show me where holiday skins were labeled by blizzard as one time exclusives?

Something like this.


I was just pointing out seasonal events are also “exclusive” by definition, since you wanted to play definition games in the post I first responded to. Were you trying to link where blizzard called it a “one time exclusive?” cuz I’d be interested in seeing that too! Doesn’t seem to be in that link.

Does the Blizzard community manager specifically saying they don’t plan on bringing it back not give you enough proof that it was intended to only be available one time? Genuinely interested in this thought process.

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When all seasonal skins have returned every year and yet one limited edition skin has not, Which definition do you believe is appropriate to use?


I’m impressed that people are still after this skin despite the amount of years which have passed. Hope is a beautiful thing :slight_smile:

I wish OW2 would login, ATM I just want to see if my skins transferred over and try out Mercy again after having left OW some time. But it’s looking like tomorrow before I’ll see if my mercy skins made it over OK from PSN.

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it is indeed, and thanks

One other forum member talked about that earlier, and they were unsure as well. When you do get in, please let us know whether your Mercy skins - especially Pink Mercy, if you have that one - are there.


The definition making the least assumptions possible.
Will it come back? They have no plans.
Will it never return? They have no plans.

Corps love vague statements because even they don’t know what they will do year to year. Thus people make suggestion threads to sway.

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Nobody ever denied they made no plans to bring it back. Have you never participated in a suggestion thread before? If people making suggestion threads hoping to draw developer attention is some major faux pas for you, I don’t know how you stand it here.

My statements earlier about definitions was in relation to the post I was responding to. I was critiquing the idea that it would be some tragic violation of promises made should plans change and the skin return.

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Okay but here’s the thing: It coming back, actually does take planning. They’re not equal phrases. It’s reasonable to assume that them not having plans to make it return means it’s not returning. Additionally, they never answered “will it never return,” with any words what so ever. Those asking for it to come back were addressed with a “we have no plans to bring it back”

You realize I can agree with all of this without any point I made being weakened in any way, right? I don’t even have to find a developer statement about “no plans” being made to “never” do something once you acknowledge that not committing an act requires no actual planning. The “no plans” for no action is implicit in the inaction itself.

So yes, there are no plans to offer it again or never offer it again. The big difference is nobody has to really make a suggestion thread hoping for inaction until some indication of action is hinted at.

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That’s because those who are happy with these decisions stay quiet. This isn’t new information. However, we’re allowed to say why we wouldn’t want to see the skin return, there’s no rule against it. If you were interested in having an actual conversation, you wouldn’t be trying to invalidate literally just replying to why an idea is bad. You’re arguing against the very posting that Pink Mercy shouldn’t return in this thread, with this sentence. It’s not really a constructive argument.

The difference here is:
They have stated to have no plans to add it back.
They have not however stated they would.
The definition grasping you are doing is grasping at straws because with this I could literally say:
“Oh they said that they don’t have any plans for a battle royal, how ever they never said they didn’t have plans for it either so it definitely possible and will probably be a thing.”
You are grasping at a logical fallacy, Just because someone say they wont do something doesn’t automatically mean they might do it.

With that logic any statement referring to a means of denial would automatically make all those statements non viable and not needed. Since we can just assume anyone would do anything anyway. Respect a developers words instead of twisting them for an agenda.

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You realize that there’s a way of saying that without trying to subtly imply you’re smarter than me by rewording your whole statement into a condescending question, right? You did the same thing when you thought you made a point with the whole “Have you never participated in a suggestion thread before?” It’s unnecessary. You can choose to speak that way if you want, but it only makes you seem less interested in a constructive conversation, and much harder to take you seriously.

I am still surprised that this topic is still very popular regardless of the years that passed for the Pink Mercy Skin.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring back Pink Mercy and Mass Ressurection back for OW2.


I have pink mercy i wouldn’t mind if it came back to support charity again.