❓ Pharah's changes make no sense? Let me explain


As a Pharah main, I am having a huge amount of trouble understanding her PTR changes. From the wording to the layout. I’m going to try clarifying it for everybody.

Concussive Blast

  • Cooldown reduced from 12 to 9 seconds

This part is fine

Rocket Launcher

  • Attack speed increased
    • Lowered recovery between shots from 0.9 to 0.75

She now has a faster firerate. Blizzard could have said "The time between shots has been reduced from 0.9 down to 0.75

  • Damage redistributed between explosion and impact
    • Explosion damage reduced from 80 to 65
    • Impact damage increased from 40 to 55

This is super confusing. The way Pharah’s current splash works is the damage ranges from 80-20, across a 2.5m radius. That means the MAX splash has been nerfed down to 65. HOWEVER, that 40 to 55 impact damage makes no sense. Her direct damage is 120, which means that 40 doesn’t represent anything. The only ‘40 damage value’ that exists in Pharah’s kit is her self-damage from her own rockets. However, This self-damage has been buffed in a later bullet point. The 40 -> 55 damage

I cannot find where this change is in her kit. Upon doing Direct Hit testing in the PTR, her rockets still only do 120 damage.

My honest guess is that splash is only a 10 damage difference between the max and min, rather than the 60 it used to be. But this raises the Question: why was 40 used and not 20, when 20 was the original value?

  • Explosion knockback reduced by 20%

Like her first change, She got her ability to juggle enemies nerfed. This seriously hurts her sustain at higher levels.

  • Self-knockback range increased by 25%

This also makes no sense. I don’t feel any different when I rocket jump with her. The only notice I see from this is rather than the 40 damage per self-rocket, she only does 32.

This. Makes. No. Sense.

Now I will review what the Dev Comment says:

Which equates to what? Her direct hits have no damage buff, other than the fact that she can send rockets out faster. If this applies to splash, why isn’t it labeled as splash, like Min/Max?

So the nerfs target explosive damage. Is that her splash damage?

However, you also killed her survivability, espeically at higher tiers since the splash would be used to throw off enemy aim. Now that it doesn’t, you still don’t have the window to kill an enemy before they kill you, i.e. against Widow.

I still want to see how this plays out, but faster firerate is a horrible tradeoff when trying to dual your counters, which is necessary at higher elos.

Which is nice, but I’m drooling over the clarity here rather than it being a buff in the first place.

Overall these changes are hard to understand. The number values are very obscure, and don’t correlate with my testing.

Then I am also very disappointed because they nerfed her survivability in favor of second-hand mobility which isn’t what she needs at higher elos.

She is also unhealable outside of running a Mercy, which irritates me because I feel punished for playing her if my team doesn’t run a Mercy. That was my biggest hope for these changes, but now Pharmercy will do more damage. Pharmercy will be more mobile. Pharah still is crippled when non-Mercy healers are ran.

Overall, I want to wait and see how these changes play out. I am disappointed that these changes do not address her core issued from a Pharah player’s perspective.

Anti Bastion update

Join the widowmaker club, I did


I don’t understand why they’re using the same changes for PC and console, they know she’s a lot stronger there, then just nerf the splash damage on console. This nerf on PC was not needed, and this is coming from someone that doesn’t play her.


Patch notes dont look confusing to me at all. Faster fire rate, made direct impact dmg do more and the explosion do less. Resulting in 120 for a direct hit and a max of only 65 down from 80 if its only splash.


I do not understand, you complain about what see needs at higher elos where Ana can actually aim. Mercy is still the better healer, but it is not as though you are literally not going to be healed at higher levels. Just stay in line of sight, which her “second-hand mobility” should help with a bit.

Do not get me wrong, I am also kind of confused about what exactly they did change. But, as far as I can tell, it is not much. She is not magically going to be unusable because of any of this. If it worked prior to this, it should stay working. Lul.


im pretty sure the rockets are also faster if im not mistaken so it shoots in a faster rate while also being faster which makes it easier to hit directly

could be wrong though


Splash damage is always represented this way in Overwatch.

Direct damage = Impact damage + explosion damage

Direct damage isn’t changing.


It’s not a nerf on PC. They increased her fire rate, and she does the exact same damage upon a direct hit 65 + 55 still adds up to 120 Like the old 80 + 40. Plus, her concussion rocket had a 25% CD reduction. That’s a pretty big buff.


I’m going to join the uninstall club.


I’m talking about the splash damage, not the direct one.


because she’s getting a fire rate increase. if you keep the splash damage, she’ll wreck house all the time


She gets wrecked either way as long as Widow is in the game, she will only punish people without aim.


Direct hit damage is stacked on top of AoE damage on a direct hit. To put simply they did not code into the game a function where a target can only take either the direct hit damage or the aoe damage on a direct hit. If the direct hit damage was 120 with the AoE damage being 80 then a target would take 200 damage on a direct hit, because the AoE could not exclude the original target.

Thus they decided to reduce the direct hit damage down to where math wise the 2 damage amounts equal to the intended amount of direct hit damage.

Thus the direct hit damage was 40, with the AoE as 80.

The damage shift they did was to move some of the AoE damage over to the direct hit damage without ultimately changing how much damage a direct hit does. This is a targeted nerf towards the AoE ultimately and a push to encourage aiming for direct hits more then going for splash damage.


No, it’s still the 120 per rocket.

Then the “so close to hitting an enemy but just missing it for 80” have been nerfed down to 65.

Yeah, not the case. She’s just as hard to hit as an ally as she is an enemy.

Not that I noticed because I saw no change in my Pharah warmups in the practice range. It’s only a faster firerate.

No it hasn’t.

Rocket Launcher
Minimum explosion damage has been increased by 13%
Minimum explosion knockback has been decreased to 0%


She is actually good. You hit more accurate than before even on the floor.
Its a buff for air and ground, before Rework she has to fly to hit reliable.
She shoots fast like the rocketlauncher in Quake 3

Cooldown reduced from 12 to 9 seconds

It’s very important buff for mobility, not only vertical, its for horizontal, too.


Not sure what the issue is here. Splash damage decreased. Rate of fire and direct hit damage increased. This makes her more aim/skill dependent then just randomly spamming rockets into a crowd and winning.

Anytime they modify a Hero to make them more skill-based then tool-kit-based, people start crying.

Sorry, but this is a game trying to be a Competitive E-sport. A Hero (or their tool kit) should not feel more useful then mechanical skill. And if this game wants to be taken seriously as an E-sport, then skill needs to trump all. This is just another step in that direct. I see nothing wrong here.


Honestly, I’m just waiting for the new call of duty


No it doesn’t, as someone who plays hit scan and pharah I can tell you that “juggling” them makes no difference, people instantly correct their aim.


Right… Which is why Ana counters her and has a hit-scan firing mode. That is sort of the point.


You must not have read my post. The direct dmg part of it, the impact dmg is 55 up from 40. The explosion dmg is down to 65 from 80. Yes its still 120 dmg, but only doing splash dmg and mission rockets is no longer as strong. Never said they made her do more than 120 a shot.