Pharah needs to be nerfed (console only)


Lol did I?

Pharah’s pickrate on PSN Master’s is 3.17%
Reinhardt’s pickrate on PSN Master’s is 10.74%
10.74/3.17 = 3.38


Overbuff isn’t accurate after private profiles


So, you’ve never used Winston to aggro her by leaping upwards? And note: I said, at very minimum, mess with her. I didn’t say counter or kill.

Okay, I’ll amend my question again.

Why are you not able to do 1 damage to her using D.Va or Orisa?


Prove it. Point to the source of inaccuracy. Others have done statistical analyses and shown that Overbuff’s accuracy only dropped by 2-5%, which is negligible when talking large-scale differences. You’re grasping at straws here.


That isn’t the issue there is a reason why I have a 70% wr on orisa. The problem is that it almost a guaranteed loss without a pharah and It makes any other role but dps feel impactful


I can’t say I understand. I’m trying to. So you are saying your team has to have a Pharah or you’ll lose? Because if the other side has a Pharah you lose because you don’t have one?

What your win rate on Orisa is has nothing to do with your statement that Pharah needs to be nerfed because she’s “dominated.”

If you are a great player, and you are because you have a higher rank than me, then why can’t you use some of that 70% on all opposing Pharahs and pressure them to switch? Then she won’t dominate all of console.


But tank pick rates fluctuate heavily around the meta. Rein being picked heavily in this season doesn’t mean he himself is the issue. The issue is pharah has dominated leaderboards since season 3 even with a wide variety of metas which clearly shows she isn’t going away anytime soon. Further more I would love to play other heroes especially Winston but they aren’t the strongestat the moment and nerfs to the stronger heroes will be good that doesn’t nullify the argument that pharah needs to be nerfed. Additionally my rank is quite low so statistics here shouldnt be a main factor


No one picks Pharah anymore like they used to. Too many good hitscan players. There are more Widows and Hanzos in top 5 than there are Pharahs.


As for me. I just really tired that the most part of matches starts or ends with PharahMercy. It looks like there is no other characters and people don’t want them to even try. Defence part is starting with Orisa+Bastion and attack part is PharahMercy and this force you to switch. I think the problem is here.


Shes good at one thing though; Invalidating Bastion EVEN MORE now that she can hit stationary targets with twice the damage

#71 7/10 of top 10 are pharah mains





Console players.

You’re inability to aim has already made Blizzard ruin Pharah. She’s almost garbage-tier on PC.


“Good” read as: “using M+Kb”


There is a more active player base in EU


I highly doubt that, but sure Jan.


There’s 24 Pharah mains total on NA PS4 in top 500. Imagine being in a meta where there’s characters that counter Pharah really hard and not being able to kill her lmao.


When the t500 leaderboards first came out you could have been in diamond and got t500 in NA but EU already had t500 at around 3800. Also the arabic Community is large on ps4 and all Arabic players have to players are sent to EU servers


EU’s skill level has always been LUL. Their top 5s are like diamonds/low masters.


NA is so bad you have junk mains in top 10