Pharah needs to be nerfed (console only)


Tbh, I dunno how this stats working, lmao. There is like 80% of private profiles and where is this stats coming from? I am playing everyday and almost all matches starts with PharahMercy. But on some point this stats are true, Reaper is dominating now.


Pharah doesn’t even have a high win rate on console. It would be silly to nerf her!


Pharah is fine, her link with Mercy is problem.


That’s my PC account press the button that says psn. Also don’t try talk trash when I’m more than 1500 sr higher than you


There’s been some analysis done on Overbuff and found that the accuracy only dropped like 2-5% after private profiles, so it’s accurate enough to still talk about general differences. I just wouldn’t use it to talk about the difference in like… a 2% pickrate vs a 2.15% pickrate (because there’s a confidence interval that overlaps from ~2.04% to 2.1 where the real data could fall).

PharMercy is a bit of a different bear than Pharah, but given how bad Pharah is without PharMercy (and, even with PharMercy, her performance comes out to slightly above-average at best on PSN, and poo poo on XBL and PC), I don’t think nerfs to that need to be placed on Pharah


That’s the reason why I said a console only nerf is needed for pharah I know how she is really underwhelming on PC


And how do you propose they fix that hnmm? Guess we should nerf balanced heroes because they synergies well. Lets just kill them solo because they’re “problematic” together. Pharah is already easy to counter. Swap Ashe and she’s useless. Lets just nerf her more.


And on XBL. She’s really not that good there either. And, frankly, she’s not half as strong as you claim on PSN. She’s decent, but not even the best DPS–Widowmaker and Hanzo comfortably out-class her


Just search on YouTube PS4 CGL scrims. Every team in the league is above 4300 average sr and pharah has 100% pick rate there


I don’t want to nerf Pharah or Mercy as characters. I want to do something with that link. Just change Pharah to viable state, that she will live normally without Mercy. And as for exchange she can’t recieve boost or heal from Mercy in the air? Or recieve 50% of this. I really bad at balancing tbh, no offence, dude. When I switching to DPS, Pharah is not a problem. But that link is really hard to kill, especially if they focus you. Maybe I would do something on PC, but it’s insane on gamepad.


Trash talk? Okay. You win.

So some of the heroes you play can’t deal with her? Soldier, Widow, McCree, and even Pharah herself?


So she should be a sitting duck who’s forced to the ground every few seconds for healing?
Yeah, that is bad balancing.


The changes weren’t made specifically for console, it was made to make her a more skill-based hero while also giving her higher spam potential. They wanted players to focus more on landing direct hits by increasing the projectile speed and fire rate, and nerfed splash damage in exchange since that’s what most players relied on before.


I don’t play any of them heroes. I literally play main tank look at the stats


firstly blizz doesn’t even care about console, and even if they did decide to balance the two differently pharah is fine. Since Ashe has been added and the buffs to hit scan heroes like Mccree and Solider, pharah can be managed. if anything genji and or tracer should be the ones nerfed on console due to their high mobility


-> Complains about Pharah being a must-pick
-> Plays a hero with over 3x her pickrate in his rank

Aight buddy


You literally just made that statistic up


Okay, so I’ll amend my question.

Why can you not, at very minimum, mess with her using Orisa, D.Va, or even Winston?


Nah literally everyone keyboards and it’s aids playing Pharah. Even people with controllers are pretty good nowadays.


NEW META WINSTON COUNTERS PHARAH. Thanks for that brilliant idea