Pharah needs to be nerfed (console only)


Do you know where the disparity between Pharah’s XB1 and PS4 numbers stem from? I can’t imagine it’s purely the controller design.


She doesn’t need to be nerfed on console. She has so many counters on console it’s ridiculous.

If you’re playing DPS and can’t shoot Pharah out of the sky, hand the gun over and turn in. Your aim isn’t good enough.

You insult console players and fuel the flames of PC pretentiousness with requests like this suggesting that we cannot aim.


You guys have ALL PHARAHS in your top 10 my dude. There are so many hitscan heroes in this game + discord and D.Va also exist, yet top 10 is still occupied by nothing but Pharahs.

EU is a joke lmao. You guys can’t aim for your lives.


I play on PS4 and I’m fine with Pharah.


Okay so, false. She was not nerfed only for console players, she was nerfed because of console players.


So a solo Pharah is OP in your opinion?
Please explain to me how a Hero with so many counters that render her useless can be OP?

If you are talking about a Pharah that is getting pocket healed, that’s a different story. Moiras, Lucios and for the most part Anas (on console at least) are making playing Pharah actually incredible difficult.

I assume that those high ranked Pharah mains have their personal Mercys/Zens sticking to them. I haven’t seen a single Pharah taking out an entire team. Most smurfs in lower ranks pick Tracer or Genji for that unless they are in a duo stack because… Pharmercy…

Pharah is a throw pick in most matches. Since the nerf and Ashes release as well as McCrees and S76 buff she hasn’t been used in any matches Ive seen unless it was in combination with a mercy/zen.


What console do you play on dude, she never gets picked even on attack on mid level Xbox

Inb4 console peasant


On ps4 over 100 of top500 are pharah main


I don’t know, to be honest. It’s something I’ve picked the minds of others to understand for quite a while. Some folks have suggested that it’s because of M+KB on XBL, and while that is present, it’s hardly so rampant that it should create that drastic of a difference. I legitimately have no good explanation as to why PSN cannot as easily deal with Pharah as XBL and PC