Pharah needs to be nerfed (console only)


Blizzard have repeatedly said that console is its own game and may be balanced slightly differently but Pharah has dominated on console for over two years and no nerfs have come to her yet. Her pick rate on console is extremely high and she is almost played in every high ranked match yet blizzard has not done anything about this yet


Lol does Blizzard even care about console? They dont even care about PC


The implication that Blizzard cares the slightest about console made me lul


I think she has become less of a problem after she got reworked and after Ashe got added


No nerfs LUL. They literally nerfed her splash JUST FOR CONSOLE!!! Sure they gave her a buff, but they nerfed her just for console players, but for some reason put it on PC where she was fine and balanced. She isn’t that good on PC and one of the very few heroes that actually could have a chance at countering GOATs which is very annoying if not played against correctly, and is now basically useless there because she needs to be close to hit her shots or else she feeds support ults.


only thing that needs to be nerfed on console is genji, tracer and lucio imo. but hey, lets nerf torb and symmetra turrets instead. because shooting a stationary target is really, really hard apparently. lucio and genji and tracer with hyper mobility is super easy though.

pharah is somewhat fine. i usually switch to mccree and two tap the mercy. use ulti for ez kills on both. with one to two decent hitscans on your team they wont be having a good game and are forced to switch imo


There’s so much hitscan in the game now, and idk, I think if anything there needs to be more flight characters so Pharah isn’t the only giant target floating around.

I’m on console, too.


Her pick rate at higher ranks have increased since the rework


Well her rework was made to be more rewarding for people that are good with her and more punishing for those who are not


Looks at phraha, torb, and sym changes on console. Tries to claim the devs care about console. :roll_eyes:


But she shouldn’t be a must pick like she currently is at masters/gm




What rank are you playing at because pharah is a must pick anywhere above masters and there’s a reason over 100 of top500 is currently a pharah main


Developer Comments: We wanted to increase how responsive Pharah’s Rocket Launcher felt. Having almost a full second of recovery between shots made it feel sluggish. To balance out the improved recovery time, we shifted some of the damage from the rocket’s explosion to the direct impact damage. The overall damage potential is now increased when landing direct hits and decreased slightly when only dealing explosive damage. We reduced the amount of knockback each explosion causes, as they made it very difficult to aim at Pharah while rockets came in at a faster pace. The Concussive Blast cooldown reduction should allow the ability to sync up more closely with the Jump Jet cooldown when used for mobility. Edit: On PTR patch notes 9/18 I believe Edit: 9/21


Guess there arent any good McCrees or Widows on Masters and above then :man_shrugging:


Pharah doesn’t need a nerf. The change they did to splash damage stopped the issue of her being powerful on console PS4. Plus, she needs to actually aim now too to land those direct shots.


but where does it say this was for console players? That’s what I wanted a source for

I appreciate you giving me the source, though, nearly no one can do that. You have my thanks


Pharah doesn’t need nerfs anywhere

Get good, and stop complaining.


She is way to strong on console what do you mean she doesn’t need a nerf


She was strong only for GM Europe PSN. Pharah hasn’t ever been strong on Xbox at all. She needs an buff more like it.

This is coming from an long time former S76 Main saying she’s weak.