Pharah needs to be nerfed (console only)


“was” she still is. Almost 150/500 of t500 are pharah mains right now


Last July was a significant nerf. Wait, only on PC.

That being said, the fact that now both versions of the game are identical (as Torb was reworked, therefore resetting his previous change) and Pharah’s changes (though directed specifically at console and low tier impact) were implemented on both console and PC. It seems as though balance is now going to be crossplatform compatible from now on.

That being said, he numbers went down not up.


They have not. PSN and XBL both experienced net drops in Pharah pickrate (PSN from ~7% average to ~5% average, XBL from ~3% average to ~2% average). She is not:

There’s absolutely no evidence for this claim. None at all. Hanzo is picked more than her, and he was picked comparably even before the nerfs.

Moreover, she was never that strong on XBL.


Than its an PlayStation problem. On Xbox she on the level of being an throw pick.


I don’t recall blizz saying anything about console being it’s own game. I do know that she does not need a nerf on pc or console or anywhere. The only changes she has really seen have been small tiny nerfs disguised as buffs


Look at leaderboards. Over 20% of the t500 players are pharah mains on ps4 right now

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So he said, “in particular on console”, so that’s not “Just for console”.

I see your point though and mostly agree that it should maybe have been a console only change.

Again, I thank you greatly for providing your source. You may be the first person I’ve asked for a source from that actually provided.


As a console player, Pharah is actually underpowered.


You stated Master’s/GM. Not Top 500. You’re shifting the goalposts because your claim was proven wrong.

Moreover, Top 500 is a selection of 500 players out of no fewer than 73000 with active, recorded accounts. Nerfing Pharah because less than 0.7% of the population might have a problem with her is absolutely atrocious balancing, and really just points to prejudice


Pharah’s mini rework (more direct damage and less splash damage) basically was meant to be a buff to PC Pharahs but a nerf to console Pharahs


Well, I think Pharah is fine (I am 3300 SR on PS4). But I know what author wanted to say and I agree with him. Pharah+Mercy is OP and this link must be nerfed.
I am always saying that console version needs another balance. Genji, Tracer and PharahMercy are OP. Also smurfs everywhere. How long they will ignore this problem? I am tired of playing vs 25-30 lvls that carry the whole enemy team as Tracer and Widow. Changing min lvl of accessing to comp to 100-150 will be fine.


So your idea is to leave the op hero that dominates at high ranks because bad players don’t know how to use her so therefore she is fine


Because she’s not a problem in Master’s and GM, which was the criteria you initially set. Are GM and Master’s players “bad?” Again, you’re shifting around goalposts because your claim was proven incorrect.

Still waiting for proof that she “dominates” in Master’s and GM, per your original claim.


Just look at leaderboards if you want proof


Basaed on overbuff past 3 months, PS4:
https:// puu. sh/CONBx/462647cac3.png
https:// puu. sh/CONBX/b825b1b0c5.png


You’re changing the goalposts. Also, leaderboards are not indicative that a hero is OP. Statistically, if we assume an even distribution of roles (which is a generous assumption), then Pharah is capping out at around a 10% pickrate in top 500–high, but still not a must-pick given that the winrates of those who play her are very comparable to the winrates of other Top 500 members. More realistically, DPS players account for 70% of the top 100, so even if we drastically underestimate and say 50% of Top 500 are DPS mains, then Pharah’s representation would register around a 6.6% pickrate. Considering that her GM pickrate sits at 4.62%, it’s likely lower rather than higher.

Try again, but at 1 month and 1 week. You’ll see that her pickrate drops in GM and stays about the same in Master’s (also true of XBL, where she had a lower pickrate in the first place and demonstrated a decline in Master’s). Also, even if we only use those stats, they do not even remotely translate into must-pick–maybe if she were cruising at an 80-90%+ pickrate (out of 100%, rather than 16.66%), but at not even 20%? No. That’s not even “dominating.” You’re also excluding the former Defense heroes, such as Hanzo and Widowmaker, both of whom have a higher pickrate in GM


Strong in what sense? I don’t think she is. (I’m on PS4.) Once you alert the team and more than one person focuses on her, she’s done. If we don’t have any range, I usually swap temporarily to swat her down.

Besides… I’m surprised you’re saying this… you pretty much play McCree? Are you having a hard time at work?


I dont play mccree??


No? This must not be you.