[PC] Unexpected Server Error Occurred

Fresh from the bakery today 21st March 4:30pm AEST, “Unexpected Server Error Occurred” message when trying to connect and enter the game (I’m on PC).

I’ve tried to connect to Americas, Europe and Asia - all the same.

Anyone else experiencing the same issue?



I’ve had the same issue “Unexpected Server Error Occurred” happen approximately 8hrs ago and has continually persisted despite trying back every few hours. Was in the middle of a game. The server error occurred. Have not been able to login at all. I tried uninstalling, logging off, changing password, changing region, and no results.

However, logging into another account on the same PC caused no error issues whatsoever making me feeling its linked to an account for some reason.


Ok I’ve connected with an old account I’ve barely used in the past, and it worked. Logged back again to my normal/main account and still the same error.

This is so weird.

So just to confirm, are you still experiencing this issue with your main account?

That is correct. Main still won’t login.

This is absolutely crazy, I’m filing a ticket.

After the most recent maintenance/downtime I constantly get the LC208 login error. I have tried everything and cannot login into the game. This has never happened before and can confirm it started after the most recent downtime/maintenance. I am on an Xbox Series X.


If I get a positive reply/solution from tech support I’ll and give an update here.


Yea I’m having the same problem as well. Not letting me in the game :confused:

So it just works again, I can now enter the game. I haven’t done anything specific. Check from your end.

Edit: Was just luck, same issue is now happening again. Will wait on tech support response.


Still having this same problem since yesterday, “unexpected server error occurred” when trying to enter game. What’s weird is I can join other regions but no luck with Americas.

I had this reply from Support:

“Sorry about these strange problems logging into your Overwatch account. This does appear to be an account specific bug, but this isn’t something we can resolve as customer service unfortunately. However, I had this sent over to the Overwatch team who will get this further investigated. We don’t have an ETA but once this is resolved, you should see an email letting you know.”



I’m having this same issue. Did you get any additional information or answers from Support on this? I was able to sign in on my computer using my partner’s account and it loaded into the game normally while my login will launch the game, but I keep getting the “unexpected server error.”

It’s clearly not an internet connection issue, so I’d love to hear what Support has to say about potential fixes.

Yeah I’m still having the unexpected server error after 2 days. Definitely an account specific thing. Haven’t heard back from my support ticket yet though. Apparently the team is aware and working on a fix

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Currently experiencing the same issue. I have not been able to login for 2 days now. My friends claim that they cannot even view my profile in game. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.


Habing the same problem, unexpected server error. Seems to be a random bug with a bunch of accounts. Tried logging in on PS5 and PC and the same error. Not an internet issue at all. Hopefully there is a fix soon.


I’m having the same issue! I’m on PC, tried everything possible assuming it was a connection or port forward issue. Switched to Xbox and had the same issue. I made a new account like someone mentioned earlier in this thread and I have had zero issues logging in on that account, but still get “unexpected server error” on my main


Hey all,

“Unexpected server error occurred” usually ends up being an account specific error. The Overwatch team is investigating the cause and working on a resolution for accounts affected by this.

If you haven’t already please submit a ticket to the Customer Support team so we can add your account to the list and update you with any progress.

Use the Contact Us button on this page to submit the ticket.


It’s been like 3-4 days where I can’t play the game due to this, so I sent a ticket and all I can do is hope. I’m thinking we’re gonna have to wait until this event is over or something. About to be on break and want to play the game plz fix!!

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What’s the point of submitting a ticket if you guys never respond to them or give helpful advice?

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Still can’t play the game either. This is nuts, and very little communication received from my end. Like do we need to wait a few days? A month? More?