Patch notes legitimately killed any interest I had in s4

sTiLl No GeNjI bUfFs?!?!


Her anti should’ve been nerfed instead of sleep , you’re on coocoo if you think sleep needed nerfs , now have fun with ball and doomfist on your back line creating havoc when you only got a 3second sleep

Blizzard: start of season patches are where we’ll do big changes
also Blizzard: 6 heroes get changed for S4.

Yeah my hype is gone. Don’t care about the new support, and outside that it’ll feel like the exact same as S3.

Also no, Genji doesn’t need buffs


Ah yes, because sleep dart is the only counter and a necessary one at that

Anti needs to be nerfed additionally, not instead of

Where tf yall seeing these patch notes?

They’re not in-game yet, just a preview

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Rein got a slight health decrease.
You know he got REALLY good with being able to land two firestrikes, right?
Slight reduction in armor, slight increase in HP

Hhhmmmmm yeah guess this completely kills him. :thinking:
As for Ana let’s see…

Her CC on tanks is reduced.
How does that kill her in the slightest?
She has been a tank bully forever now with that overbearing Anti-nade and sleep-dart combo that her kit is. Being slept, being anti’d, you could be CC’d and not be healed and died. Tanks don’t like it when they can’t play the game just like any other role except they are literally fatter targets.

This should’ve been a change they did to all CC in OW 1 long ago.

They are both fine, relax, S4 will be way more interesting compared to how empty S3 was.


I’m disappointed because the patch is kind of boring. But whatever I’ll be playing weaver and learning his kit. First things first. 1 hour in practice range mapping the abilities.

Such weird things to be so angy over. Giga buff is such a dramatic way to phrase it. 1 second more of a fairly low healing source is not much. Using fade during coalescence is just taking away from her ult. Only benefit it serves is if a Moira used her coal in a stupid spot. I dont think she needed the buffs but whatever, it’s not gonna affect the meta much. Brig’s ult needed SOMETHING to make it not feel like a joke. It’s still not gonna be good, just a LITTLE useful. Rein kinda needed some nerfs, and I’m a rein main saying this. He’s very strong in his current state. Ana HARDLY got nerfed, literally 1.5 seconds less on a slept tank. Thats FINE bro. Tanks are the only ones who get targeted by sleep consistently anyways, maybe learn how to hit a squishy instead. Nerf genji more.

Honestly, PLEASE leave. We don’t need you to go around complaining about useless crap, there’s enough of that


Ana 100% deserved those nerfs. Its not fun to play against her as a tank


I mean they understood Mercy’s fun got ruined and reverted that change. So it’s not like they’re not listening.

It’s more like hallucinating, hearing some voices and others that aren’t there.

On the plus side, at least we get some more gender identities into the game. That should help balance it out.

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No hog fix, holy sh3T… blizzard is so out of touch with the playerbase…

They buffed Brig, but who is the other support?

You mean Mercy? It’s still a net-nerf from where she was before these changes, and it makes pocketing weaker. Unless you are talking about Moira, in which…that…is a giga-buff to you???

Ana deserved her nerfs. She makes tanking Hell and the fact it’s only a tank-exclusive nerf is really privileged. She should have had it as a net-nerf all-around.

This makes me less empathetic. You are not the arbitrator of what is skillful and isn’t.

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I would argue brig takes more input then mercy but i see your point

Not a fan of the Brig changes myself. I’d gladly give up pretty much everything she got for a .5 second stun on normal shield bash so that people can’t just roll into your team and press Q with nothing anyone but Ana and the tank can do about it. Ana nerfs have long, LONG since been needed though. Still waiting for nade and suzu to be reworked into abilities that aren’t so laughably overloaded.

They refuse to touch the actual issues with Mercy’s kit and they made the easiest character in the game even easier and safer with the Moira changes… again. Because god forbid any of Moira’s kit not be completely braindead and free of consequences for bad decisions.

Ashe changes aren’t something I’m looking forward to either.

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Its more to do with it being even more safe to play moira rather then it being a giga buff tbh. Coal was one of the only places where you cant just close your mind and ult and now they made it better and tbh this change works in favour of flank moiras more which im more concerned about

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Nah I understand that moira is gonna be even easier to play now. Ulted to early? No problem! Just fade around the corner and keep blasting em. About to die in ult? Nope! You can fade now. I def agree she doesn’t need it, it’s just the drama he’s conveying. Imo, none of these changes are that big and if this is all it took to make him want to quit, he clearly should have quit playing long ago. It’s not anything to be upset about.


Ana has 0 mobility if u didn’t notice, unlike zen , she makes footsteps too


Its a genji main so I would argue its more about “Genji didn’t get any buffs” rather than “Supports got buffed” lol. Still, im afraind im gonna see more flank moiras in my games and im scared

And? What does that have to do with needing Ana for Hammond?