Patch notes are up

Surprised nobody’s mentioned patch notes yet…usually y’all go ballistic



Matchmaking Improvements

  • Added new matchmaker functionality that should create matches with a narrower range of player skills. The initial tuning of the system at the start of the season will not be aggressive, but we will be making continual tuning changes throughout the season.
  • The matchmaker now prioritizes placing similar groups with wide skill ranges into the same match, which means solo players will see a lower chance of being placed in those matches.

AND on fire returns new and improved!

O.o that RH buff


Endothermic Blaster

  • Damage per second reduced from 100 to 55.
  • Primary fire slow is no longer always 40% and now scales from 30-50%.
  • Primary fire impacts now build up to a slowing effect that sticks to the enemy target for 1.5 seconds and slows them for 75%.
    ** Secondary fire impacts can detonate this new slow effect, dealing an additional 40 damage.**


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Let’s take a look at these…

Still no mouse and keyboard support for console?

A little bit disappointed heh…

But overall looking good…


  • We recently noted a major issue that affected how the matchmaker updated the internal ratings representing player skill in our “free for all” game modes, such as Deathmatch, where players are not on a team. This issue resulted in incorrect skill ratings that could create longer queue times and worse match quality than expected.
  • The underlying issue causing incorrect updates has now been addressed, but unfortunately, these skill ratings are no longer meaningful. The best way forward is to do a complete reset of the FFA MMR used by these specific game modes. After this reset, match quality is expected to be suboptimal until players are able to play more games of Deathmatch. We do not take this action lightly, but it is the best course for the future.

Well that confirms the Comp FFA debacle. And regular FFA too I guess, I always thought matchmaking didn’t exist there considering how common it was to get GM and Bronzes in the same lobby.

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Nice Roadhog changes, absolutely useless.

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Felt my heart drop when I saw his name but the forces of good prevail it seems :100:

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Ya, this was kinda weird. Does that also stack with anti?

Otherwise, even with Moira being stuck, all pretty good looking and I’m glad they tacked on the extra dmg to Mei… even if her secondary fire already hits kinda hard.

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Moira will need some compensation for losing one of the few unique things to her.

The Mei changes are not as bad as I expected and actually address how she lost her endo-icicle combo for mutually exclusively usage situation.

They still dont address or compensate for the removed survivability that meant removing freeze, however.


Ya, I dunno how I feel about this regarding Moira. Being able to at least fade to dodge dmg and survive those instances was pretty big. I guess it’s just going to require more game sense.

In lower ranks this may be a decent answer for those complaining about her?

the cassidy one has me concerned as a sombra main. will i be able to translocate immediately after like before. feel sorry for tracer mains tho … sheesh lol


On top of the spread increase lol

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I did not expect the random Reaper and Moira nerfs.

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You wont. If you cant translocate from a zarya ult you wont be able to translocate until the grenade pops.

I dont. Its good for the game.


id have liked to see more substantial changes to Hanzo. nerfing his damage by 5 is nothing and I don’t think the changes made to his sonic arrows are all that significant either


that sucks… i hate cassidy as is as a sombra player. screw that buff then. also i feel like this may make cass no1 on the top 500 leaderboards.

this patch is really a double whammy for me personally since i main widow and sombra


I admit I was a little worried about the Mei changes. But having the additional damage on the secondary fire makes up for it.

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So does it mean her icicle does 75 + 40 damage if she slows a target down enough?

That’s a chunky damage.

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It’s consistent with reaper change :man_shrugging:t2:

I dont not like the tracer changes and why are only 2 thinges effected by cassady or are they just not listing them all. Secondly i dont like they are upping the healing on life weaver have it charge in the back not heal more for god sake. I also think they mei changes are going to kill her viability and completely change her play style

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Wow they just murdered Reaper.