Patch goes live in 1 hour!

Just getting details.

other than roadhog and sojourn, wonder what else is there
wonder what else is there that’ll make me say, i feel like playing ow today


Here they are!!!

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Dang, did they really have to nerf Healing Ofuda? WTF?

I know right? that is an interesting choice.

People are healbotting in GM and above to get Kitsune rush and the devs didn’t like it.

But instead of making Kunai an easier weapon to use they try to de incentivise healing… on a support… de incentivise….healing to….try and land extremely difficult to land projectiles for minimal damage unless headshots…

It’s… definitely a change that has happened. That’s for sure.


Yeah, but why didn’t they just decrease the amount it contributes to Kitsune rush? They nerfed Kitsune rush too last time. Yeah, Kunai is honestly worse than Mercy’s gun.

They wanted her to want to fight more. I’m listening to the stream.

It was just to stop you healing botting.

They need to increase the speed of kunai if they’re going to nerf healing. It’s stupid.

Brig change sounds like season 4, not 3

This is exactly what needed to happen with Sojourn. Perfect. Mercy/Sojourn was too good. Orisa changes look solid too.

A little disappointed the Hog changes don’t improve his playstyle much.

I understand nerfing Kiriko’s healing. Still waiting on changes that make her damage dealing capabilities not a total snoozefest though…

Yeah, I think it will dump him a little too far.

The weapon buffs didn’t do much.

i still dont understand the sojourn changes. reading it im still scratching my head. less damage on primary but gives 5 energy huh?>

Ok, it means you can’t headshot, or damage boost for MORE charge.

That is why. High ranks were getting rail charge REAL fast.

It also disconnects her a little from Mercy.

Next season start…

outside of roleQ tanks health will be lower.

ok i see now. so her primary is nerfed by one damage and she doesnt get rail charge fast as before. that will probably help a bit.

still for low ranks it might stink but they do balance from the top. i been playing sojourn quite a bit but for some reason i only have a 46 percent win rate lol… i stink with her i guess (doesnt help i had like a couple of 10 game loss streaks when i played her)

Yeah, after screwing around with him a little in the range, I think he’ll be bad. I like the direction they’re going but he’ll probably need something more.