Paris and HLC have been officially removed from QP

I guess they’re just gone now

Now please let Havana be next :pray:


Im happy about paris being removed, but a little sad about horizon. I really dont think hlc was that bad

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No more lunar and paris??? Hurayyyy, what takes them so long :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

And Havana is best map, fite me!

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I’m beyond sick of that imbalanced ahem map even being in the competitive map pool. Scrap it please :crossed_fingers:


I wonder if there would be enough influencers repeat for years that kings row suck if they would dlelete it at some point.

Hardly a victory imo. It took years to get to this point and with no new maps in like 2 years it’s not exactly a good thing they are removing content from the game.

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Removing bad content from a game (generally) makes it better. Adding bad content (generally) makes it worse. “More content makes a game better” assumes all content is positive, and that all content goes well together, both of which are silly assumptions to make.


Which would make more of a impact if they did it immediately… or been hard at work trying to fix it all this time. Instead they basically ignored the maps for 2 years… then just removed them.

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It would be a shame if Havana was nixxed. It’s such a great recruitment tool for the #deletewidowmaker movement.

Havanah is basically Blizzard giving up imo. They realized they can’t have a balanced maps so they have a point blatantly favor one side then the other. I would say the first bit favors attackers greatly due to spawn distance and the flanking routes/cover.

Then it’s sniper city all the way till the final castle/forte. If the attackers can get to the bridge it’s pretty much your standard “Push Q to win” moment where if given a second to Push Q to win it will end in an attacker win. Generally speaking if you can’t stop them from reaching the third point you lose that map.

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Yes please. I really hate Havana

Honestly, its the sniper city all the way till map ends. Storage area is ok’ish at best, rest is pain to play against good widowmakers

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WHY were these maps removed? I loved these maps, especially the Paris map. That map was so detailed and gave me so many memories. Why the hell is it gone? I am NOT ok with this. Genuinely pissed off.

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I liked the Paris one too, but I can’t deny that it was an unbalanced map. It should still be in the libraries for custom games. Idk about arcade.

Horizon though. It was so unbalanced that I couldn’t enjoy it in any way shape or form. And even attack was unfun on that map, despite them having the advantage.

True but the start of the map there is quite a bit of cover, two flanking routes and 3 ways out of spawn. Not saying a good widow can’t cause issues but you at least have a fair chance and she has a long walk if she dies.