Palestinian Flag Icon?


Hey guys, I want to be clear. I don’t want there to be a debate or any toxicity here. I know this is very controversial so I just wanted to bring it up then leave it alone nicely. Blizzard, can there please be a Palestinian flag player icon? 137 countries recognize Palestine and I know my cousin who who lives in Jerusalem and likes Overwatch would love it. There’s already an Israeli flag icon and that’s cool I was just wondering if we could also get a Palestinian flag. Is it clear enough that I am walking on eggshells here? Lol

I’d like your opinion on this, community

Blizzard said they’re not adding some countries in for purely legal reasons.


same reason why they wont put in a tibet flag.


That’s a tough one, because they’d be inserting themselves into the exact same political debate you’re trying very hard to avoid here, merely by recognizing Palestine as a country. If they added it along with various other non-sovereign regional flags like Catalonia, Scotland, Tibet, and Republic of Texas to make it less threatening, then maybe Palestine could accompany them.


If what the earlier post state about legal avoiding the issue is true then that is the exact opposite of what any sane corporate legal department would recommend; it’s akin to throwing gasoline on the Palestinian issue - it wouldn’t make it more palatable.


Palestine isn’t a country and as others have pointed out, other non-countries don’t have their flags.


I don’t see why this would be relevant or important in any way.


review history before 1948, or even 1967


Yep, there was no country called palestine then either.


I couldn’t agree more. This game is not a political platform at all and abstaining from adding certain flags only hurts the gaming culture and friendly atmosphere. Palestine IS a country and has been recognized by the United Nations. I believe that Blizzard should base their biases on what is recognized by a sovereign union like the United Nations… and not fear the wrath of slightly angry gamers? To end - I was just at the United Nations building and saw that the very first flag, as you walk through the main entry hall, (in front of all other flags) was Palestine!


It’s possible Palestine didn’t give permission to use their flag. Maybe they noticed the Israeli flag was added and refused to have their flag in the game because of it?

You never know.


It’s possible - I did not think of that scenario. However, I am not sure if the topic of a gaming platform and the use/support of a flag is a top priority for a nation. They (a nation) could have released a blanket statement to cover such an issue, but all-in-all I do not see a problem with equally supporting flags through Blizzard. But that’s just it… we do not know the entire story. If Blizzard could release a statement why the company did not add the flag… I think it could clear the reasoning behind such an act. Again- maybe not justify it but at least give a little more detail.


I saw a post not long ago asking for Blizzard to remove the Israeli flag from their account because it offended them.



I hate to break it to you but Palestine has never been a country (look it up).
And while many members of the UN recognize them, they are not recognized as a country by the UN.


i know why they dont going to do that even if it was “legal”
its cuz its not a “real” country and its just going to make main steam media talk about it being good or bad


But we already have an Israel flag :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Israel is a country.


Just for those who want to know I’m going to link to information about it, Palistine is a state and not a country, it’s simply a fact but inclusion of it’s flag could be considered but because of it’s status it could get complicated including it for legal reasons and before you argue about legal issues being a non point just remember they had to remove the Polish flag because of legal reasons as it was included with this past event but then removed.


Not Scotland. There’s no reason to not have flag of Scotland.


what is this post trying to say?
oh and just remove all new flags as the german republic is not responsible for Ausschitzt the same for poland