Palestinian Flag Icon?


No politics or anything,but you count the gaza strip as palastine right?
because I live in israel and well,it is not palastine. And other then some anti-israel organisations most of the world does count Israel (the big part that stretches all the way from the border with Egypt to the border with Lebanon) as the democratic jewish state named Israel,and the gaza strip part that is controlled by Hamas as at least a part of what should have been palastine if the 2 stats solution actually worked.


I’m trying to figure this out as well, Noonian can you explain your reasoning for it or are you just trying to stir something up?


Well, i fell nothing why shoud i??


And yet none of those are relevant, because all those flags belong to sovereign countries while that of Palestine does not.


Pretty much every country is responsible for something horrible depending on who was in power at the time and I would agree that if you go simply off of horrible acts committed in the past yeah it’s going to be very problematic and no matter what is or isn’t included someone is going to be incensed about it. I know there are Chinese players who have issues still with Japan because of what Japan has done throughout history to the people of China even though it has been awhile since the last big known events of the horrific events between them on the scale of things that went down during WW2.

I have problems with how my family was treated during the World Wars being German immigrants even though they have been in the States since before the Civil War and other parts of family being forced on to reservations by the U.S. government but I also understand how times have changed but others don’t want to let things go.

I guess what I mean is that because people are horrible to each other through out history it won’t matter is included unless legal won’t let them add it in.


He is well known.
Toghether with others like guderian or wittmann.

And yes some say he did bad things other say he did not…
history is not always black and white. So to deny him any respect is just wrong.

And then again Rommel did some amazing things in WW1 too, so … i think he has all right to be well know.

And before you say somthing about me choesing his nickname as a Tag…
I have the names Guderian, Bismarck, Moltke and Hindenburg too.
I just like german history.

If i missunderstood anything from you strg+c and strg+v of a Wiki post pls tell me.


they aren’t recognized as a country, they aren’t even in the council. they have an observer state status. they likely wouldn’t have that if they weren’t in so much political fighting and turmoil over land.


I guess my only question is do we really wanna risk the inevitable KOTH Comp match where the pre screen looks like this?

:israel: ___ :palestinian_territories:
:israel: ___ :palestinian_territories:
:israel: ___ :palestinian_territories:
:israel: VS. :palestinian_territories:
:israel: ___ :palestinian_territories:
:israel: ___ :palestinian_territories:

I mean all jokes aside, it’s like the LGBT flag :rainbow_flag:, if it gets added sure, there’s gonna be people who use it legitimately but it’s gonna hit meme status real fast I we’re being perfectly honest.


Thank you…
But then you shoud stop saying anything good about any general you have becours they “coud” have done somthing bad at any point too.
So yahh have a nice day and Heil dir.


This is actually quite similar to why the team “Chinese Taipei” is a thing instead of Taiwan due to the fact China refuses to acknowledge it as its own sovereign country rather as a state extension of China. Any acknowledgement of Taiwan basically would mean China backs out of any deal.

Except there’s no political violence or hostages being used as meat shields in that case, it’s all pretty much just petty trade squabbles.


Rommel was part of the movement against Hitler, which he paid for with his life. That’s why they don’t consider him “na*zi war criminal” …


You need to start explaining why any of this is relevant to the thread before the mods start handing out suspensions and close this thread for going way off-topic/non-constructive, unless you’re just here to troll.


I mean, people use the Israel flag for the lolz so why not?


Not rly i just said your chois of flags looks like the curent germany or the weimarer republic and poland are somehow responsible for Auschwitz.
All i asked you was to remove the flags.
You startet with the rommel krieg.


Problem… you cant tell that just from the post you made.
And poland had close to 0% to do with auschwitz.


The only “issue” though, as far as anyone here is concerned, is legal, which is handled by the legal department.

Jeff has stated that they want all flags included in the game, but there are legal issues that need to be addressed before that can happen, and obviously there are a lot of countries that are guilty of doing horrible stuff in the past (and even in the present).

Your arguments are not as relevant as you may think and don’t really belong here.


Actually, they’re not related. Palestine is not recognized as sovereign country by USA, and since Blizzard is american company they must stick to it. If they would add Palestine flag, they would be ordered to remove it, and possibly fined for it …


before the 404 swallows ya’ll

rommel’s popularity is in part due to his unusually stellar reputation for a german general among allied forces, the other part is the romance of the ‘hero’ that’s fighting for the wrong cause

truth is he was just as much an imperialistic, reactionary opportunist as Stauffenberg was, neither deserve admiration


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Yes please add Palestinian flag.