OWL Season Two Preview is T O N I G H T

Who else is part of the .07% who gives an eff?

I’m 'cited.


L.A. Valiant fan booooiiii. Feelsbad SoOn left though.

HOLY S*** I DIDN’T KNOW THAT, thanks man, I was about to go sleep but gotta watch my favourite teams!

I’m going to be going to a tournament at the new esports center in Arlington ;-; so I’mma miss it.


im stoked

I’m excited too PogChamp

I didn’t really watch OWL in season 1, but I’m looking forward to season 2. Go Philly!!

You don’t sell out a stadium with .07% :joy:

When is it? Who’s playing?

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.07% of 40 million is 28,000

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what time does it start?

I’m a little hyped to see if there is any changes to the arena (doubt it) or the talent cast (outside of those who got let go) but that’s about it. It’s really tough to carry much hype about the different teams when they let players go, add in new one and I have no idea who anyone is and/or never seen them play.

Just going to throw a bunch of online names at a person and say Snipar420BOOM got picked up by this or that team? Errr ok.
Maybe if they cover some of the changes to the OWL format it might be interesting to hear but I suspect it’s going to be mostly about OWL has added a bunch of teams.
Then talking about people most of us don’t even remotely know.

4 PM Pacific Standard Time

And do we truly believe there are 40mil Overwatch players? Or only 28,000 players interested in OWL when games were breaching 100,000 concurrent views and then some?

But OWL was averaging at 100,000 viewers…


It’s very safe to assume nearly half had games on and weren’t watching just to get OWL Tokens.


I hope the new team skins are available soon too.

You know I need that pink reaper :joy:

Why would someone want skins for something they don’t care about?

Colors. Look at all the people who want the Spark skins.

And you know those same people don’t like OWL?