OWL Season Two Preview is T O N I G H T

A number of them, yes.

If you really think 100k people are actually watching OWL every match, well… I’ve got this bridge to sell you.

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its today?! good to know

I’ll grab the Boston Uprising skin for heroes I don’t have a better skin for yet (my coins are reserved for events). I also broke them out when Boston was in the world series

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Vice did a big story about that last season, they were running bot farms to pad their numbers.

Season 2 is going to be boooooring… GOATS mirrors, and more goats mirrors!


Not necessarily. I’d expect some sort of change by the time it starts.

Fashion. I do the same for R6 by buying the team skins, but I could care less about the esport itself.

Plus, black and gold Rein skin is drop dead gorgeous