Owl!? no thanks!


Your statement is grossly incorrect with the numbers who watched LOL.

Like… what is this.

I guess I got trolled to respond 8/10


I don’t think it was that many, but we don’t know the numbers. The OWL finals were broadcast on more than just Twitch, so overall viewership can’t be judged on Twitch views alone.

Have the viewership numbers from ESPN/Disney been published anywhere?

I mean, I watched on Disney, because I’m old school and would vastly prefer to watch TV on TV. I can’t be the only one who watched on TV if a new TV deal was secured for season 2 with ABC. There must have been a very healthy amount of people watching on TV if ABC was going to invest in broadcast rights. Wouldn’t make any business sense for them to do so if nobody was watching.


Am I the only one who feels like putting the words " not enough budget " and " Blizzard " in the same sentence does not make sense ?

They are just slow and lazy, that’s all about it.


Don’t tell me what to do


afaik that number is worldwide on all platforms, not just Twitch.

including some chinese bots, though i read online that OWL’s viewership was lower than most other ‘big’ esports leagues, although it was still one of the most successful leagues for it’s first season.

not a clue on the validity of the second statement, just a quick google search brought that up on a few sites.


All I know is if more people end up watching OW rather than play it… is that really successful?

Doesn’t feel like it for gamers. Seems like a disgusting future if this somehow someway works.

As a game developer I’d feel like this is a ugly future to be unproud of. Means corporate wins in gaming again.


I’m always a bit baffled video-games-played-by-someone-else are as popular as they are to begin with.

I might be in the minority, but wouldn’t people much rather use the same time to play the game? :confused: How is it more engaging to watch it being played instead? There is a case to be made for the so-bad-it’s-good games, because it can be entertaining to watch the trainwreck but you wouldn’t want to touch these with a long pole. But for actual games?

I mean, Twitch eats up the time you could be playing games instead. Unless you are doing so on the second monitor while playing, in which case: shame on you, people! we’re losing the point because you’re not paying attention! :angry:


They had like 8k viewers the other day while apex had around 350k gotta admit it was satisfying


If skins are not content the only content we have and will ever receive is archives, custom games and lfg.
To be honest i don’t see that heckin’ changing.


Yes, the poor billion dollar company, who wasted billioms of dolars into making a OWL stage, dont have enough budget



You do realize that at this point OW (the game) and the OWL became so deeply bonded that if OWL fails, the game fails too right ?
What’s the maths ? Are you hoping that OWL fail so devs will tell “oh dude, it was an error, let’s focus on the game and the guys that boycotted our work clearly deserved our hardwork !” ?

No dude, what ou are telling is just destructive. You are hoping for a failure, and then, you will have participated to the game down fall.
Great job, very adult and clever, clap.

Damn guys, we are talking about something that is a huge boost for eSport, they are bringing the thing to a new level, that a tough adventure. Maybe you don’t like it, but you can’t deny it, it’s a huge bet for Blizzard, and if that bet end up succesfull, that will bring them (and you by extension) so much noone can imagine.
And you’re there, hoping they will fail to improve eSport as a whole, to try to raise interest in people’s mind.
If you don’t care, fair enough, noone can blame you for that, but stop trying to make a useless and destructive action. It won’t help you and it is ridiculous.


So, instead of watching the OWL, and helping Blizzard make money off of it so they’d make more content and/or better OWL experience, we make them tank and lose out on a lot of money because of some assumptions? You know that a loss in viewership is a loss of money and therefore even less content? What backwards logic is this?


The egotistical “i tOlD yOu sO” kind of logic.


OWL has little to no effect on the release of content for the game. Right now it is essentially funding the game while paving the road for e-sports into media.

This seems to be the case because year 1 we got all this new and shiny stuff, year 2 it was all fresh in our hearts and minds, year 3 we haven’t gotten any new events and we’ve just got maps, skins and balance patches.

The dev team has supposedly been working on 6 heroes, so lets hope something happens with that.


Yup if I’m Blizzard staff I think I would tell something like “Noone likes OWL ? Ok let’s forget PC, we will develop phone games because that works”.


agreed, the only way to help the game is to uninstall and not play , they have to realize they are doing it wrong at some point, if they don’t and the game dies, well at least we tried to save it.


The clap emoji between each word does nothing to make your point more compelling and only makes you look obnoxious


Here is how to block the OWL on the battle net app:


I’m still waiting for someone to point out a game similar to Overwatch which has more content released.

League of Legends and DOTA are stuck with the exact same map since their inceptions, notable updates include skins, heroes and Rune/Mastery Changes for LoL with and the added Talent Trees to DOTA.

PUBG and Fortnite literally update with paid DLC.

Paladins is like… still in BETA?

Counter Strike Global Offensive has recycled parts of their current maps added as 5 Dollar DLC Packs…

Overwatch on the other hand not only gets new Heroes, but also new Maps. People are so ungrateful, I want to see which game you will flock to if you leave Overwatch, tell me what’s better.


So let me get this straight…you want to not support OWL to get their attention and make them change things in game for you…

all this for the game that will suffer if OWL is not supported

this is forum logic at its finest right here…all possible outcomes thoroughly considered!