Owl!? no thanks!


Maybe balance around the pros will fix goats. Goats spawned from trying to make everyone happy


Dude the bastion skin with the owl is the best skin. Don’t talk bad about the owl.



BR would not work at all in overwatch. The heart of all BR games relies on every player looting common gear - not to mention everyone is the same with respect to things like hitboxes. That doesn’t work in a game where every hero has a unique weapon and purpose. They’re never going to add a mode where Reinhardt is carrying around a sniper rifle.


You can strip every hero of their ultimates and skills like e, shift, rightclick etc. and put items like “skill e - common/rare/epic” in the map and if you pick up a weapon you can use your primary. You pick up a “skill shift - epic” and soldier runs faster than with a common with his shift. BR could work really well in Overwatch and i said “if done right”. Did you play Realm Royale in the early days? Something like that. But ultimates replaced with something else.


A boycott of the Overwatch League isn’t going to work: for a boycott to sting the product would need to have a substantial customer base to start with.



At first, i was all in for OWL. Thought of it as a great addition. Then when the game slowly lost more and more new content and new additions became OWL focused only, I lost more and more interest. Eventually i lost any interest whatsoever, but wanted to support OWL anyways, because i know if OWL fails, activision blizzard will abandon overwatch entirely.

Now however, I just don’t care. Overwatch can burn for all i care and hopefully this company with it. So that blizzard’s fate could be a lesson for the rest as to how you’ll lose everything if you reduce quality and expect more earnings with micro transactions.


:spider_web: I mean…they don’t care if we like OWL or not. All that matters is if the shareholders and investors like it. :man_shrugging:

I’m pretty sure Blizzard is aware of the animosity towards OWL and they’re gracefully ignoring it lol.


Yes I did, but if you did this then it wouldn’t be overwatch. What would be the point in having all the unique heroes if you just scattered all the weapons and abilities? Everyone would pick the same heroes - the one with the smallest hitbox. It also only worked for RR because of how basic and bland the abilities were. Many abilities in OW are tied heavily to the hero - both in concept as well as graphics/animations. You’re not going to see Widowmaker with Rein’s charge ability or Hammond using doomfist’s rocket punch. The parts that make Overwatch unique are the same things that make a BR a horrible idea.


yeah hard pass. OWL is fine, you just need to get a life


I don’t even watch OWL, I was making a parody of outrage culture


so you’re mad that you don’t get content every month and you boycott the pro scene because of that

what does the pro scene have anything to do with what the devs are doing

you boycott the game entirely not a league which doesn’t care about a person who didn’t like it in the first place


Which is pathetic in of itself. If they feel they need to bribe their audience then they knew it would likely fail.


Ît would be better than nothing if you ask me… at least they should risk something and try something new and if it doesnt work, well, reuse the maps for something else than, maybe in escort with 5CP? At least give us something new Blizzard.


I don’t think so. I think BR games are garbage and it would completely ruin the appeal that OW has for me. I’m sure they could find a way to completely rebuild the game with BR mechanics, and maybe it would be more popular by piggy packing off the success of both the OW name brand and the BR fad, but it would absolutely not be doable in the current game without completely destroying what it currently is.

I completely agree they should try some more risky changes, though. I definitely would like to see more game modes, or at least some new variation to the gameplay to keep it fresh.


Blizzard is turning all their attention to OWL and not caring about us.


this post is only making me want to watch owl more.



My predictions: SF Shock Vs. NYXL


I barely watched one game last year, saw both teams running a dive mirror match and just left.


How about: people who want to watch owl watch owl? Lol you aren’t proving anything by doing this “movement”, you really aren’t being any worse then those 4 mercy players raiding the forums a few weeks ago.


Did you count the one that watch it on ESPN as well?