Owl!? no thanks!


Are you not satisfied with the management of the game?

Are you tired of waiting an eternity for any new content? (THE SKINS ARE NOT CONTENT)

Are you tired of the total absence of devs update?

Can you no more than always play the same AND SAME events?

Would you like the game to be a game again, done for the players, and not for a league?

Then do as I do:

:no_entry_sign: DON’T WATCH THE OWL :no_entry_sign:

It has already been established that they have shifted their attention and funds towards exporting the game.

Let’s make them understand that players want play, not to watch, especially if this is to undermine the overall quality of the product, both immediate and long-term.

Will the game die if the owl fails?
All right, if that is an example for everyone!


OWL? yes please! more OWL please


Devs of the game i think understand that

But for many people gamers are just numbers that make them more money, for them we dont have need for anything other than spend more cash.

If something dont make cash? Kill it. Thats how it works.

So owl or not, overwatch is doomed so far.


Never liked OWL. Ever. Only thing that interested me about it, were the color schemes for certain heroes. Besides that, I never gave a damn about it in the slightest. Just saying.


What if I don’t want the game to die, because of some urge to make developers feel guilty about something that was probably because they didn’t have enough budget?


Okay, let’s see, how does this work…



Do people even watch the OWL…?


Anyone else having trouble connecting to the European Servers?
It keeps crashing…
I’m worried


I’m gonna watch it from 4 different devices at once

You’re not my real dad


:clap: the :clap: team :clap: for :clap: the :clap: game :clap: is :clap: not :clap: the :clap: same :clap: as :clap: the :clap: team :clap: for :clap: the :clap: OWL :clap:

yes, just because you dont like it doesnt mean that everyone dislikes it.


Nope, going to watch. Thanks for stopping by.


10.8 million people tuned into the finals, so I’d say there might be a few people out there who watch it.


I’m actually going to make an effort to keep up with it this season. See what the fuss is. Also, I want to see the Dragons finally win a match. Hopefully they win on a Friday so I can take a shot.





No. Maybe it’s your internet.


I’m going to watch from 5. Get on my level.


Anyone? Please…
what do?


Gotta admit, I wish I could do that. That looks boss status af.


[insert “pathetic” meme] (Im not good enough for trust level 3 :cry:)

Im gonna watch it from 7!


It does not matter. If the views are low, the OW team will just release “special” skins or Sprays that can be obtained by only watching the streams. The Blizzard Sheep will flock to the streams in order to get them.