Owl!? no thanks!


The sheeps are already baited with the owl tokens…


Probably something involving a trace route and looking at the tech support forums.

Also see if you can get a chat with a customer service person.



yes, because people couldnt possibly want to watch it because they enjoy it. that would be heresy!


Ugh again, an outside team works in the OWL. The only helped with with the viewing experience like the in game cameras.

You seriously think they have only been working on the OWL for 2 years?


My 5 are better than your 7. I’ll be watching OWL with my brain waves.


I don’t see the appeal of OWL personally. I like watching streams of players with fun personalities, like muselk or luminum.

To each their own, though


Ah yes I too enjoy watching people throw games in my region by locking their offmeta main and doing poorly then proceeding to vpn to other regions and do the same.

But their personality makes it ok!


I wonder if it’s possible to make virtual machines that watch Twitch…


wait a sec! I just chekked, and I am trust level 3! YAY!!!


Luminum consistently (and only) made it to masters with his symmetra (and now mercy) so your argument is moot.

He played meta for months and dropped 600 SR. meta wh***s ruin the game


Only for the tokens.

It actually is and is still amazing that there are ppl who still don’t know OWL takes away resources from the dev team.


I can get to masters playing only Torbjorn, doesn’t make me picking only Torbjorn when it’s clearly not working any less of a throw than someone who made it to masters playing Tracer locking Torbjorn when it’s not working.


It is and they already claimed that they moved a lot of money from the game itself to the owl-organization.


I’m a huge fan of OWL, but I do wish we’d get more content and not this trickle release of few maps and heros every year.

OWL and Overwatch if both are successful can each benefit the other.


I cant seem to find anything about this, will you please give a source?


If it’s his best character by a margin of 600 sr then it’s obviously not a throw. It’s objectively better by a measurable margin, so I’m not really gonna argue with you on it.
He wasn’t one tricking, either. Or we wouldn’t have seen him drop on his smurf, if you want him to flex to characters he’s objectively worse at because you don’t like the hero, you’re dumb.

Feel free to disagree. I’m done here


Season 2 is gonna be a blast and if they focus on balancing around them, the game might stay as fun to watch as it is to play


If it’s not working then forcing it is a throw regardless of if it’s your best character or not.


I’m very excited. Although GOATs is very boring to watch imo so I’m hoping we wont see too much of it.


OWL will may be canceled after earnings call and since there is a massive cost cut going on… well… im not sure sponsors are going to ignore those and especially the cancelation of HotS Esport over night. I wouldnt be surprised if they would do it BUT im 100% sure there wont be a season 3.

I mean… Why arent they giving us a brawl-mode where 20v20 people zerg in a big arena? That would be much more fun than that stupid QP no one wants especially since 50% of the time it get closed because of not enough players.
Or why arent they gving us a BR mode with 50 people? I mean… they could at least risk something and test it out at least but no… there is NOTHING.
A Battle Royale mode in Overwatch could end up really cool if done correct.