OWL Drops Not Working

It seem like youtube drop doesn’t really work.

No way to track, and no way to proof.

Soooo…Cross fingers for Nov. 15th, then storm the Twitter page if there’s still no update?

They only seem to care if something isnposted on Twitter.


Ya. I only got 70 tokens and halted. I am sure I watched more than 14 hrs too

Unfortunately as I thought : it’s november 15th and no extra tokens and Grand final drops received ( name tag / player icons / etc ). Guessing they won’t fix this. Ugh.


I also did not get all of my awards. This whole Youtube viewing setup has been a mess. I dont think I will be watching any more OWL.


Well, today’s post about the patch delay would at least reflect that they’re aware of something with the Overwatch League drops.

“This delay also impacts the delivery of Overwatch League Viewership Incentives & Perks from the Postseason matches during the period between Oct 30 - Nov 4…”


aha ! so finally they admit there were issues - let’s hope it all gets fixed and we all get our missing tokens and rewards! :slight_smile:


:frowning: please just gimme my stuff. i watched over 30 hours to make sure I got everything. Ive only gotten first 3 skins and a couple tokens.


they could just tell us earlier, but “NO, let wait till the last minutes”.

This comment will age so poorly soon. Twitch by far has never failed me and people can track the progress in real time, then claim the reward manually and it has always been delivered. In YouTube you are basically blind, can’t see your progress, and only way to ‘‘claim’’ the rewards is to wait, hope and pray that they arrive.

Reminder that support apparently already said they can’t do anything cause it falls under whoever is handling the stream or something like that.

I bet that today’s patch delay has to do with these skins as well.

Blockquote Twitch by far has never failed me and people can track the progress in real time, then claim the reward manually and it has always been delivered.

I thought the same… until I manually claimed the Kiriko Donut charm drop and I never got it in game. Got ALL the other drops from that collection, but not the donut charm :frowning:

Claimed the rein mug souvenir today, and it’s still not showing, not hopeful of the charm showing up either when I claim that.

Seems like my account is just bugged at this point :frowning:

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I’ve watched the entire overwatch league stream 3 times with my account connected (I watched the other two on blizzard’s website and they said watching it embedded in a different website wouldn’t give me rewards, so I’m not really counting that) for a total of around 18 hours and have only received a total of 5 overwatch league tokens and no skins. this seems to be a huge issue and I hope they give skins and tokens to people who earned them by watching

I have watched the Overwatch league and finals and i am missing some of my tokens and skins currently i have 65 league tokens and the 6 hours worth of skins,

my issue is that i am definitely missing some tokens (as i had 65 tokens while watching OWL live) and also i have 13 hours of tokens so should have at least the 12 hour rewards

i am also missing the finals rewards as i watched over 2 hours

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watched the entire grand finals, got only 5 tokens a few days ago, waited for the 15th to see if the rest appear. still nothing.

why did i bother watching OWL anyway

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Still stand by that Twitch support is still garbage tier, worse than Blizzard. Blizzard may be as slow as Christmas and not very helpful, but at least they respond. And more folks still have a Youtube account than a Twitch account.

I’m also willing to bet they wagered that folks might try and double or triple stream since they were vague on the token collection methods. Who knows if watching it on multiple accounts might net you the rewards faster if they didn’t say…After all, many people in the live chats were convinced you had to type /claimrewards in the chat to begin collecting, when that was never part of the rules.

Twitch you only have one account linked. No creative liberties with viewership there.

I have the same problem too. At the moment I have only received 55 Overwatch League Tokens and the skins for Tracer, Genji, Bastion, Mercy, Mei and Hanzo. I did the math and watched over 27 hours of the playoffs (I’m not sure I got to the last reward of the Zarya, Widowmaker, Winston skins and the extra 100 League Tokens, but I still know I got the rest so what it was saved in my YouTube profile) and all the live of the Grand Finals and the Encore (I’m also not sure if the hours of the Grand Finals and the Encore count for the playoff skins, if someone could clarify it for me I’ll be very grateful :smiley: ). So I should have the vast majority of my rewards and at least 155 Overwatch League Tokens (this is not counting the hours of the Encore stream and a few more hours that I don’t know if they were recorded on my YouTube or not). I hope that in the supposed patch I will receive the rewards that I am missing along with the Tokens, even so I will continue insisting by different means to see if someone can help me. Thank you very much :smiley: .

Blizzard when they go past this thread :man_with_probing_cane::man_with_probing_cane::man_with_probing_cane:


So in short, nothing is reliable and Blizzard should be making sure people still get what they are due regardless of platform, but it wont happen as they simply love to blame other parties and specially their customers.

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As much as I dislike Twitch and Youtube, the Twitch drop system at least gives you feedback about your progression and you have something to prove that you indeed, did have everything linked correctly and that you are owed something.

Currently Blizzard and Youtube can just say “You didn’t link properly” or “You probably had an adblock preventing drops” and all you can do is argue with no outcome or just accept your fate. You can talk about the “Connected” diamond or Green Dot as much as you like, but it’s still not proof. It’s like a verbal IOU between mates.

Twitch on the other hand actually tells you “You are 95% towards getting this Winston Skin” and “You have earned the Winston Skin”. Yes, people weren’t getting the Donut weapon charm from Twitch, but at least you have feedback that you are supposed to get it and can complain with evidence that Blizzard nor Twitch can deny (not saying they won’t deny it, but at least then you know that they are being scummy).


Guess you are not aware of how support threatens people like myself with an account ban if I keep submitting tickets regarding how they are stealing from me and many other players off their currency. There was a bug in game that made many people lose credits. The bug was patched, but support says they wont issue any refunds.

Their support replies were all contradicting and lies. Excuses ranged from policy, to it being technically impossible ( even tho they own the game), and them not having permission.

Meanwhile in the known issues thread, they says they will refund people that fell victim to another bug related to skins, but that is also of the same nature. They decide to refund some while not others. Reminder this currency is real money that they decided to simply keep. There is no way there is anything worse than Blizzard…

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