[OW2] How to reduce Hackers with Free2Play

So there’s a lot of speculation that maybe OW2 PVP goes F2P.

However, rightfully, a lot of people would dislike that because it would mean more hackers in Competitive.

So here’s a fix for that.

  • Quickplay - Free2Play
  • Competitive - Requires either a paid copy of the game, or phone verification.
  • Open Queue - Requires either a paid copy of the game, or phone verification.

There you go, Overwatch devs get all the benefits of larger playerbase through Free2Play. Without making it so that Comp is flooded with Unbannable Hackers.


If hackers are still a problem in ow1 this late in game they’ll just carry over to ow2 regardless if its free or not.


“BuT SoMe PeEpLeZ D0nTz HaVe F0NeZ Don’CHaZ KnOWz” :roll_eyes:

It’s 2022, 6 year olds have family plans in any developed country.

SMS auth is the easiest way to handle this issue.


If step 1 isn’t blizzard actually giving a damn then no other suggestion matters.


Well Microsoft has F2P PVP for Halo Infinite.

And it’s all but said and done that Microsoft will buy Blizzard as soon as the Federal government gives the green light.

Yea, and 343 launched multiplayer without anticheat and people were belligerently cheating in comp modes. When asked why they said there was no plan to add it right away…

So basically if you don’t only play competitive, then screw you?


More like adding a ton of players will drown out extra hackers.

They say they care but deep down I think they want OW to fail so they can do something else. Honestly, I have come to believe that.

I think I have brought up the Team Fortress 2 nightmare more than once. That after it went free to play. Quite a few people that were hosting just called it quits.

I think alone on CTF_Doublecross being hosted it was just CONSTANT hackers being banned repeatedly and it did not matter the software or mods a person used on their server to stop it. They’d be back again repeatedly.

You could have a million dollar CRAY plugged in on the backbone of the network and it would NEVER even remotely clear the amount of cheaters out needed after a game goes F2P… :thinking:

But what about my other 20 accounts? /s

You know when other games did that, the ratio of cheaters went up significantly, right?

Do that with the current game and include QP in all that :man_shrugging:t2:

So nothing changes then.

So people who don’t own the game can play Comp, for free, but they need to register a phone number for it.

That’s why you use purchases, phone verification, or credit card verification.

“You must get to level 35 on Diablo Immortal before you can use OW Comp”


… Have you ever seen an episode of breaking bad… :wink:

I had a buddy of mine with a few GRAND worth of games on steam and he set his account to Verify on the mobile phone ONLY. Lost his entire collection because he couldn’t get back in despite thinking he had the password to it and the phone took a bath… valve was NEVER helpful, at all…

As for phone verification that doesn’t stop anyone from going to the dollar store and spending 15 dollars on a phone for each account they buy. and most of the time people can find an SMS spoofing service on the net these days.

Credit cards - I think you would lose about 3/5ths of the player base because a good portion of the people would not be qualified for Credit cards, plus most people need a decent credit score to sign up for a card this day in age compared to 2001. After Dodd-Frank act was passed the banks really couldn’t hand those things out like gift cards, and even after it was repealed they still can’t.

Plus I think it would be some form of discrimination and a violation of Civil rights. Even when it comes to Cell phones it already crosses the line. As I can see sometime in the near-distant future an attorney could essentially argue that to some extent for the lesser of a better term it breaches a person’s rights to use a service under the pretense of having to use a service to use a service… (idk)…

It’s a private business deal dude. The federal government has no part in this.

And the point isn’t perfection, it’s just mitigation.

:sunglasses: I don’t have a phone… bcs it won’t turn on for some reason ;(

Some people can smash their phone screen and it still works… mine in perfect condition, no cracks/scratches… doesn’t work :sunglasses:

Oh and I forgot to add it was barely used too bcs I use my PC mostly for everything.