Overwatch progress lost with psn change

Hey guys. I just recently changed my PSN with tonight’s update from PlayStation. My other games are fine, but my progress on Overwatch is gone. Level 1, no skins, but have 267 loot boxes to open. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. My system still shows 100% completion with trophies, so I have all the achievements, but none of the sprays unlocked.


That also happened to me, was level 160 and now got reset, lost everything :confused:

Me too I was level 376 with gold guns tons of skins my best friend changed her name but nothing happened to her account

Has it been resolved for you guys?

No it hasn’t how about for you ?

Daayyyuum that has to suck. I’m sorry you guys have to deal with that :confused:

So, I’m still waiting for support on Twitter. They said they’d have an update for me today, but I imagine they’re in the west coast so it’s early. I really hope they can just load up my progress.

Hopefully because it’s not fair how others didn’t but we were the unlucky ones that lost everything?

I wonder if it also resets your reports/bans?

I was level 391. Only one gold weapon, but had a decent amount of skins. I started during the winter event. 31k coins that I was saving for the new event, and all the achievement sprays unlocked, including Baptiste’s. I don’t wanna lose it all.

Hey everyone, we’re digging into this issue now. Apologies for the hassle for any of you affected. We’ll follow up with more information in this thread as we have it.


I play on Xbox which doesn’t have this problem, but I’m curious to see what gets done about this, I would go crazy if I lost all of my stuff. Has anyone tried changing their gamertag back to what it was? Maybe that’ll work.

Yeah I just lost everything, except a random 58 loot boxes for some reason

Ever since I change my name I cant even open up the main menu im jus stuck trying to enter the game over and over

Hey everyone, thanks for being patient. We’ve identified accounts that were affected by this problem and have repaired 82% of them. We will continue to work on repairs until all accounts are fixed up.

Important to note that we cannot repair an account that is logged in, so if you’re affected by this we recommend staying offline if possible (logging in to check if you’re repaired is ok).

If you’d like to post here noting that your account is fixed, or still broken, we appreciate the extra detail as we verify our fixes.

Thanks again and sorry for the hassle.

edit: This issue is exceptionally rare and very few accounts were affected. As a note for anyone who finds this thread, you are fine to change your account name.


I can confirm I got everything back to normal, thanks guys!

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I just logged in to check and it still has nothing. I logged off now to allow it to be fixed. Old username was HiDannyHiMusic, new username is AverageHanzo. Let me know if you need anything else from me!

i was one of the accounts affected, two hours ago it wasn’t fixed, and i just logged in and checked now and it’s completely resolved! everything’s back to normal. thanks so so so so so so so much.

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Crossing my fingers that mine is next lol.

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yeah, maybe just stay logged out for an hour and then check again? i even played a few matches when my account was messed up and got all my old stuff back so i’m sure it’ll be fine for you too!

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