Overwatch progress lost with psn change

I just got fixed thank you guys for the help

I’m confident in Blizzard. They’re super responsive and by far one of the best dev teams out there. I’ll just relax and wait it out and check later like you said. I’m happy yours is good!

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hi! my account was one of the account that had the problem my old id was FuZe_Heartattack my new one is ToxicPrincessxo i hope this helps

I’m glad I’m finally able to change my PSN name but I grew cautious to do it on my main account so I tested it on an alt first and it was fine so I’m gonna go ahead and change my main now and I’ll leave an update on how it went afterwards

EDIT: The change was a success and I still have all my progress. Like I said I’m so glad I was finally able to change my PSN ID because I’ve had the account since I was like 11 and had JUST gotten my PS3 so my old name was super generic and was just my first name and last initial followed by 1234, now to see if I’ve used the free name change for BNet or not so all my accounts have the same theme…

I too lost all my progress 10 minutes ago, confident there would be no problem changing my name having read Sony’s list. >:(

My account has still not been fixed yet, old account name was Kobey_Snipes my new one is WeebChan- 82 percent fixed and mine is still broken lol! Hope my problem can be resolved! I had actually began playing on it and got it to level 6 but I got on today and it was level 1 again!!!

my account got affected by the psn ID change. I was previously Govlyn, changed it to Ninjusu

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Me as well sin I leveled mine up to 6 and it got reset back to one again like they reset it again instead of fixing it

Hi guys, same problem occurred for me as well! I was level 50 with a decent amount of skins. I was previously Synergy_Rzq and changed to jimbx-

Just wanted to ping here again to say we’re still working on cleanup. Apologies for those still waiting, some accounts required more work to fix.



Same here. My old account was EdgeVermillion. I changed it to SilverYamato today and it took away everything.

you had Cratered too? The

I changed my account from DirtounetElvo to CosmosPalace and lost everything

Replying to my own thread here again. Just checked to see if my account was fixed, but it’s still broken. Looks like I’ll be waiting a bit longer!

My account is still broken but I’ll keep checking on it ! Hopefully it will be good before the event

That’s what I’m hoping too. I took off from work that day so I can get a head start, but I won’t be able to play with the account broken.

Usually on event I’ll buy loot boxes but I’m scared because I don’t wanna miss it but than I don’t wanna buy my loot boxes till everything is good

Hey everyone just wanted to update that we’ve repaired nearly all accounts at this time. There are a few remaining, if you’re still impacted please feel free to post here if you’d like, the extra information helps us validate our fixes.



Hello I’m having the same problem my old ID name is xBario_HD and my new one is xllDarks please fix this problem as soon as possible thank you

Hello there,

I can’t login it puts me in que and when im @ nr 1 in que it says i need to buy overwatch… and puts me in the back of the que again… WHAT IS HAPPENING!!

Issue is resolved Thank you !