Has anyone tried the PSN ID change?

Does it mess with your stuff on OW? I think I read something that some games don’t support it and you can lose progress on certain games.

They made a list of what games would have issues or not and Overwatch was on the list of non issue games so you’re fine there

But I have yet to play OW after changing my name

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No it doesn’t, I just changed mine and nothing was affected


How do you change your PSN ID? I thought you couldn’t?

New update yesterday, it allows you 1 free change with $10 charges for every name change onward [$5 for PS+ users].

I’m trying to find a good name myself, but all the cool ones or ones I want are taken.

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Check my recent topic, I explained how

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Yes, and it works perfectly.

I love my new name. No longer running around with my 12yr old swagger. I got a nice name without numbers or underscores.

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yesterday?! holysh- thx for the info, gonna change mine right now

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Will it delete all my data for games?

I just changed my PSN, no data loss yet

My major games are safe, good enough for me.

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It likely would mess with your OW progress. I wouldn’t advise changing your PSN ID just yet

I haven’t changed mine nor do I think I will. I like my name, its1201pm, people think it’s a Mccree reference but in actuality it’s the time I made my account because I couldn’t think of anything else.

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Since when could we change our names and how on psn

It doesn’t effect anything and I’m loving my new name <3 it’s ToiletWineParty lol

I lost my progress and skins (everything) now I’m at level 1, I need help to get it back. Also I never linked an account to it until after I lost everything. :frowning: