Overwatch Heroes from YOUR country


Humour or is it how Australians for the most part never take themselves seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, bud. I cannot comment because there are no characters from my country, Singapore, not even a flag icon and I doubt that there would ever be. Meh. Used to it already. Heh.


Torb is not even Swedish, no blond hair, no accent, no swedish phrases, he does have some swedish sayings like “Don’t get your beard caught in the letterbox.” And Brig is just… painfully average, no real stereotypes, but still better than Torb considering she has a Swedish accent and Swedish voicelines.


and what exactly would scream Canadian?


A friendly personality :canada::+1:


That sounds like someone who walks around dressed like Mccree all day would say. :eyes: :thinking:


Nobody for Malta, the closest we’ve got is Pharah and Ana, which are pretty good as they are.


Ana (her mom) is Egyptian and her father (Sam) is Canadian. Making her of mixed heritage and (somewhat) explaining Pharah’s Native American skins.


Did they ever explain the Ice Fishing sprays with Pharah and Reinhardt?


To my knowledge, nope. This game is really really light on lore, unfortunately.


I agree her VA did a great job at making her unique. But it’s annoying to talk in game and have team members imitate Tracer because they think all Brits come from London and sound like Tracer :confused:


Idk, if you average together 76, Ashe, Cree, and Reaper I’d say that fits quite well for your generic American. It’s only when you start considering specific regions and cities that it becomes less accurate because you can’t really represent them all with one character.


Sounding like a Canadian, for starters.

Not that I’m advocating for Hero X to be Canadian… but Pharah really is not Canadian. She lives in Egypt. She identifies with the Egyptian flag. She sounds Egyptian. She’s Egyptian.

That said, if a Canadian were to be added… I’d hope they’d at least do something interesting like hire a French Canadian or a Newfoundlandish VA.

I’ll take an Italian or Greek or anything really over an essentially American sounding Canadian.


My country isn’t represented in anyway. It was mentioned during last short story, but not much.

If they ever added a hero from here I wonder what stereotypes they would use…
“Brave/crazy soldier who never give up?” Or “Crazy patriot who love country bit too much”…

Sounds like Zarya. And we don’t like being mistaken as Russians. But it would be nice to be represented in game. They even removed our flag due of “legal issues”


You should specify you mean Poland. Remember… most people who aren’t Polish probably don’t remember that controversy…


Is your country Ukraine?


A3gis is right it is Poland.

You are right. I just wrote it and started wondering if people will know what country I am talking about. No it matter, we still wait for some sort of representation. At least we are acknowleged, thats something.


Song Hana? She is a walking western stereotype. She is missing only a cellphone (Actually, shes not) and a dog


One of these days hopefully they’ll add it back in… what an insult to injury to just pull it from the game that way PepeHands


Reinhardt is pretty accurate; we are all like him here - yes the women, too. :wink: