Overwatch Heroes from YOUR country


It’s probably for the best since they will likely ruin it with modern tripe. Something simple like a rugged, adventuring hunter with a brimmed hat and Mackinaw jacket who has an axe melee is probably too Canadian.


Well, we are talking about sterotypes and skins are apparently supposed to be non-canon :man_shrugging:. Just saying that her default design basically screams Egyptian stereotype, even moreso than Ana, who’s supposed to be fully Egyptian.


There is no representation of my cultures because none of them are in Overwatch. No Norwegian, Italian, or NY culture; and I’m happy about that. They’ll butcher my motherlands and city.


2 criminal weirdos who are mentally insane, and one of them has american accent instead of australian. Yea seems right i guess.


We don’t have a hero, but at least we have Ilios.

In a universe where the half of the world is devastated from terrible wars and uprisings and the other half has progressed beyond imagination, we basically stayed the same, still renting rooms and waiting for tourists lol


It’s a form of British accent, called a “Cockney” dialect.


Yet Mccree and Ashe embody stereotypical wild-west niches. Being bold is good as long as it isn’t stigmatized.


Tracer’s voice is definitely an exaggerated stereotype, but in a great way.

I think her voice actress did a great job making her unique, and Tracer is a really cool character both in terms of gameplay and story.


As I understand it, Pharah is Egyptian.


Missed oportunity for widow to not have a baguette emotte


“Oh, I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay. I sleeps all night and I works all day.”


Is that a Monty Python reference?


Bingo! We’ve got a fan here! :rofl:


While the American stereotypes are represented, there’s room for more. I’m waiting for a true Texan, one from Chicago, St. Louis, Miami, San Francisco, Denver, etc.


I could be wrong, but I think it’s a very, very over-exaggerated Cockney “style” accent. Apparently Cockney accents originated from London.

There’s a few different accents/dialects in London from what I know. I found this video on it:

I actually learned a lot about the accents and dialects in my own country here. Who knew?


I’m waiting for a New Yorker calling everyone a mook, over exaggerating everything, and have the hand gesture that we Italians are known for.


I would want a hero from Greece and I hope he looks like a Spartan


junkrat no matter what people say to me, has a heavy american accent. there is no place in this country with something that has a accent anywhere near it. I do love the hero overall though

Roadhog im taking is a Australian resident but most probably comes from the pacific islands.

the pair of them remind me of Crocodile Dundee,s mates to be honest.

Junkertown is ripoff of the madmax movies but somehow im comfortable with the map.


Well, the Americans aren’t exactly realistic (though its set in the future anyway so that could have changed) but really…That’s probably a good thing given how all too many Americans behave.


Given the humor surrounding Junkrat, Hog, and Junkertown… it reminds me more of Borderlands.