Overwatch Heroes from YOUR country


What do you think of the heroes from your country? Are they an overblown stereotype? Or do you feel they fit nicely?

I’ll start: Solider 76, Ashe, and McCree are fun heroes if you were going to make some kind of American Western Japanese Anime, but from a practical stand point, I have to say they don’t really represent the USA very well.


If were going based on nationality, I have no hero from my country unless you kind of consider Norway to be a part of Sweden (Ew). Italy? Yeah no heroes either. Oh, there are also no heroes from NY for the country I was really born in.


Tracer’s nice, and I really love what lore they’ve given her.

I just wonder why they got a fantastic British actress and asked her to do a mockney voice.


That’s okay, you are kind of in a unique position, what can you tell us about the heroes from the countries/cultures you are familiar with, do those heroes do a fairly good job representing those said people?


*crying in Canadian*

and don’t you dare say Pharah is Canadian, almost nothing about her screams Canadian.


I’m somewhat naive to British accents, but is Tracer’s accent a London accent?


McCree is a true American by being decked out in true all American gear.

What you talkin about?


Yeah because I see men walking around dressed like McCree everyday. lol. Not even Texas do you see that.


Roadhog’s not too bad for a Kiwi.


i hate everything about zarya from character to VA.


norway has no defense.


McCree and Ashe are outdated country stereotypes. Soldier is also an American military machine stereotype, but got elevated to groundbreaking status recently so woo-hoo. Reaper is a typical edgelord, which doesn’t really have anything to do with American culture. I wish they’d give us more info on his pre-Overwatch life in LA but whatevs.

Honestly, for representing a country with as much diversity as America does, the characters we have are so wack in that department that I instead relate more to the Brazilian.


I dont think anything cuz they dont exist!


Except those native American skins. Also, what about her isn’t Canadian? Her skin is brown?

I’m also Canadian and I consider Pharah as such. She’s of mixed race which is literally what North America is known for, being extremely multicultural.


Sombra has a decent spanish although the accent is a bit overdone at times, theres nothing else from her in particular that represents our country that couldnt apply anywhere else, since there are good hackers all around the globe


The fact that only the punk skins for tracer make her say tosser and wanker is silly. any respectable English individual says those words 10 times a day.


Well, there’s no Belgian hero yet (missed potential btw), so the closest is France with Widow, I guess? Well, I don’t really think that she’s really a French stereotype; no dislikable chauvenism or an extraordinary love for baguettes (outside of fanfcomics, that is). :man_shrugging:


They could atleast give her some lines using rhyming slang. Let her call opponents Hellene Hunts :smiley:


Well, her hairstyle is typically traditionally Egytptian and she has a wadjet painted on her face. Not very Canadian imo.


But what is Canadian?

She is expressing her native culture openly and happily. Does she need to have a can of maple syrup and end her sentences with “eh”?