Overwatch Heroes from YOUR country


I think it’s really funny to hear people imitate any hero in voice chat to be honest.


I’m Danish :frowning:
Feels sad


Tracer’s alright, despite being a huge stereotype I really like her accent, though I do think we need a scouser hero.


Junkrat is S O L I D.


There’s no indonesian overwatch hero :sob:


I think Lucio is a nice representative of Brazil. His role as an international DJ and activist is quite original and not even close to stereotypes, especialy his muic being the more common electronic music rather than brazilian tunes that are quite overused (heck, he have a JAZZ skin), and I don’t mind he have an american voice actor, its not like an international DJ wouldn’t be fluent in english in the end, but they indulged us with portuguese lines here and there. Heck, take a look at Morena Baccari (Deadpool, Gotham…), a fantastic actress that speaks english without a hint of accent.


uuuh, Torb used to have blond hair, just look at his younger skins. And he have quite a heavy accent.


No Czech hero yet :(.


It’s not a Swedish accent, not at all, Believe you me, and if we are going to look at skins then Brig is Brunette. =P


Try to come up with a hero from Vietnam that doesn’t involve some sort of “THEY ARE FROM THE TREES!!!” stereotypes.

What have I done?


Neither, they are just heroes that happen to come from my country.

I like that at least one of them had Swedish lines, always fun to hear some Swedish in video games or movies despite how much they usually butcher the language, which is why I’d like to see Torb try on some Swedish :slight_smile:


There are 4 heroes from the United States. All 4 are damage dealers. No healers.

One may call it an overblown stereotype, but I call it a perfect representation of current day America. Guns everywhere. Terrible healthcare. 'Murica.


Reinhardt would be from Germany.

The voice actor can’t speak German so you really hear him struggle with German word.

The weird thing with German stereotypes is that many of them are Bavarian stereotypes

Also Hasselhoff is not a thing in Germany. I am still not 100% sure why this became a stereotype in the first place.

Mercy by the way despite being Swiss sounds more German from her accent then Swiss.


I’m going to be really contrived and say that there isn’t one. Guarantee that some people will disagree with me though.


Widow, stop the memes.


It’s meant to be, but it’s not a real accent. It’s how the accent was appropriatised for American audiences. The real accent is cockney, which is from London. The fake one is mockney. For instance, VanDyke in Mary Poppins is the most famous example of mockney.

Cara is actually British so I dont get why they made her do a fake accent.


No hero, map or any bit of lore from my country. lol


Austria is technically Germany right? (jkjk)

I’ll take Reinhard tho.
The accent actually is true. And yes, we do drink a lot of beer here, especially when it comes to festivals or some other days where we have to celebrate.
And a lot of people act like they are the biggest men alive, but in reality they’re soft at the inside.


No hero from my country but good old neighbor Sweden got two.
Don’t know if a Finnish hero would do anything but build a hut with a sauna far from anyone and get drunk. If they had to fight, they’d use a hunting rifle and a knife.


Okay, I need to visit Finland!