Overwatch Contenders / League 2022 Schedule - Earn Skins

There’s kind of an irony there that we waited a long time to eventually get that skin, only for it to be taken away from us now in this bug.

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Just have to keep waiting for the support team to look into this (several months after the fact)…

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New spray and name card linked to opening weekend viewership on YouTube next week. Specific viewership time requirements have not been detailed yet.

Edit: Additionally, Genji and Orisa OWL skins confirmed for OWL viewership during the Spring Stage. It’s not confirmed if one or both could be tied to overall viewership throughout the Stage or if they are linked to knockout matches in the last week:

2 hours for spray
4 hours for name card
6 hours for Genji
10 hours for Orisa

The Genji and Orisa skins show the Spring Stage graphic and reference April-June so it looks like 6 hours then an additional 4 any time throughout the stage starting next Thursday.

Don’t forget about contenders Genji skin coming up in early June too. I’ve made a habit to put all of these things in my phones calendar.

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Thanks for the heads up on the Genji and Orisa OWL skins, good to see them starting right away with these.

I only happened to stumble across the spray and nameplate news just now right before coming here.

Overwatch Contenders schedule has been updated to include broadcasts through May 9 for EU/NA for those still needing hours viewed for the Collegiate spray/Contenders skins:

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Does anyone know if the challengers series has rewards?

They won’t answer here, let alone try to address some missing Contenders, OWL, and other drops.

Viewership rewards mentioned earlier have started with this Watchpoint, which started 10 mins ago.

Tune into YouTube and ensure your accounts are connected to start earning:

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Just noticed the announcement of the new thread. Follow the new thread here.

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Still missing the drop, but still no word from Blizzard support.

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I’m hoping we will see something in the mid season update.

Seems like they are closing the big forum posts without acknowledging or fixing the issue. Might as well keep posting since no one will help out with missing drops. Zero help. Zero care. Zero chance that the Blizzard team will do anything.


Still missing the Hanzo drop from Contenders, but I’d like to thank the support that I have been receiving from Blizzard support (which is nothing) on resolving the issue.

Hopefully we will see something in the update later today.

Still missing the Hanzo Contenders drop from December 2022, but still no word from Blizzard support.


Still nothing. Blizzard support is useless.


Still no Hanzo drop from before, and no Blizzard support help in sight

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So, I was already seeing an OW2 Contenders skin for D.Va found in the unobtained skins category. I guess… she’ll be coming out as a drop for the next season? Unless their thing with switching to Twitch for drops has made everybody completely unaware that her drop was already out, and that its passed already lol.

Every OW2 Contenders skin (except the newest heroes) is in the game, but locked. It was like that for the OW1 contenders skins, as well. The only OW2 Contenders skins that have been available to unlock by viewership so far are:
Genji, Hanzo, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Lúcio, Mercy, and Torbjörn

The skin being in game and locked has no baring on which skin will be next available.