Overwatch Contenders / League 2022 Schedule - Earn Skins

Same here!
OWL white skin of Sojourn has gone…

Drops will be exclusive to Twitch so hopefully there won’t be any major issues.

Hope this time all works properly…

There will be hours adapted to all regions, like old posts? I see that it starts today, but nothing for now in Twitch.

There is a broadcast tonight for Contenders Australia at 1AM PDT, hopefully the campaign is visible on Twitch then.

Also, checking my sprays to give some to Lifeweaver, I saw that my “Year of the Rabbit” and " Year of the Rooster" sprays are blocked, when I have these already (I’m playing since the closed beta of OW1, lol).

So… here we are more fails with this patch :upside_down_face:

Been on the sidelines since the end of last season and my forum trust level dropped so I couldn’t update the OP with images. Catching up on things now. Twitch is back after the infamous YouTube Overwatch Finals meltdown of 2022? Guess Blizz’ contract with YouTube finally ended.

New season, guess it’s time for a new thread? Put the horrors of the YouTube era behind us? Maybe I can get my forum trust Level back along the way…

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I noticed when I picked sojourn she was default skin, but it was still in my inventory so I just switched it back.

I was able to claim the first Twitch drop for the Collegiate spray. I then launched Overwatch and saw the spray is still locked. I suppose I’ll wait a few hours and check again.

And for troubleshooting, I’ve unlocked every other item for Overwatch from Twitch without issue. The accounts are connected properly.

Edit: Checked just now and the spray has properly unlocked!

I missed most of it…but I did 4% of the Collegiate spray :laughing:

Really looking forward to getting the classic Reaper contender’s skins to complete the ow1 set :sunglasses:

Probably not. No signs of it and we have to get news from sources other than the useless, garbage Blizzard support, so I doubt they would care to address it.

Does anyone know what this musical pachimari spray is? I fear I somehow missed it despite always being in the know on every upcoming drop.

I don’t mean pachimari LP, I got a code from the OWL for that and it’s in my inventory unlocked.

Musical pachimari is an entirely different spray that appear with the season 4 update.

I’ve spoken with one person who filled out the form from the QR code, and no additional spray has unlocked for them. There’s a chance the QR code was a backup method to earning the LP spray for those that weren’t on the mailing list.

Then again, considering it was a form instead of a different automated method, there might be a longer delay before we know for sure if the form offered something different.

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Now they use Twitch. All the issues with YouTube and they switch back, but they don’t resolve none of the issues people previously had late last year.

Hmm, I didn’t see the normal OWL tokens granted pop up but I checked my Virtual Wallet history and I did receive the 10 tokens from the QR code yesterday.

If it’s a new spray, hopefully it drops soon. The ‘Contenders to Champions’ spray seems to be the only one that fits the theme of the Pro Am but it’s also too nice a spray to limit it only to US players.

Collegiate Championship Series | Spring Playoffs | Day 1 is starting now over on twitch.tv/overwatchcontenders for anyone looking to earn the Collegiate spray and Contenders skins.

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Another issue that Blizzard support will be ignoring or will be too incompetent to resolve.

What the heck. My OWL Sojourn away skin magically disappeared. I only have the gray one now!!??

Yeah, that was noticed and mentioned here last week. I was able to confirm and likened this to when the MM-Mei skin was temporarily inaccessible.

It looks like this has also been reported in the Bug Report forums. I will add to that post that numerous folks have reported the issue here, as well.

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There’s kind of an irony there that we waited a long time to eventually get that skin, only for it to be taken away from us now in this bug.

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Just have to keep waiting for the support team to look into this (several months after the fact)…

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