Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

Join the group m8, try to fill a issue to see if they move their asses, because like you and me, I bet there’s more people

" i have this peoblem "The application encountered an unrecoverable error

Did someone who played Overwatch able to play without phone number confirmation yet?

I’d be down if that’s cool; Inked Kraken#0120

No they still haven’t removed it unfortunately, and the patch notes or maintenance info they’ve just posted say absolutely NOTHING about it.

Pretty sure thats tomorrow my guy

They said that they’ll be fixing that Friday, so I’m not sure anyones bypassed it yet

Of course! Added ya! I’ll send you the discord invite! :))

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Same here. Indie company got my money and left me with no game.

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They posted yesterday acknowledging it. They’re fixing it tomorrow

People on twitter are saying their 208 nightmare is over! so here hoping we all get through!

Well, best submit a ticket then… Like you, many others also have it… The more tickets with this issue more changes of getting that fixed… I hope

the ftue stuff was removed for me but none of my stuff has come back, account merge still doesn’t work for me post update. acc still wiped :skull:

tough luck my dude. Still the same.

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just got back on and my account merge has activated! server queue is still long and tedious but my progress is back!!! (once i joined it gave me the option to use that account or keep the fresh one)

Just checking someone have same issues, cheers buddies!

I just want some sort of acknowledgment of what they’re going to do for us who have paid and still have yet to get in.
I understand they have a lot of problems right now and they’re all valid; but Honestly I could handle not having full access for a little bit if I could just get past error codes.

So many of us paid for a product and feel just completely in the dark about what’s truly being done about this


I’m still in the pre menu queue
Here’s hoping
Glad you’re finally on the other side

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congratz… my progress is still in que 170000 ahead of me xD

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I logged and I’m still lv1, nothing merged, anyone still have the same problem?