Overwatch 2 Explained: Battle Pass, Shop, Hero Unlocks, and more

Yeah that’s a good question to bring up, so it’s 1000 coins for a BP, how many can you get as you grind?

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Dont bother with Hawnu, she is dense AF


“Seasonal content delivered through previous events like Summer Games and Lunar New Year may be made available for Overwatch Coins”
Does this include weekly event skins as Peppermint Brig?


According to the dotesports story, 540 coins from the weekly challenges

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We already knew that since June, it’s not new and it’s horrible.

New players won’t care because they’re used to BP to unlock new heroes, guns, etc. It’ll likely be those who aren’t used to that model will have the most complaints.


So this is so much information idk where to start, but honestly it looks good folks, I get blizzard has to make money, let the new players invest as the old players have, but really it seems they are trying to make this game fun for everyone, I’ll be keeping my WP

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Wow, you sure are something hey :man_facepalming:


Not bad then, two challenge cycles 1000 coins?

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Dont expect that you can get enough of them in the first new seasons. BP is the main way they make money. I assume it takes maybe half a year to get 1k coins or so.

Hopefully there is something they don’t know

‘Because of this shift in design approach to heroes, we believe that launching new Overwatch 2 heroes through the Battle Pass system is fair to our players, respects the competitive nature of the game, and aligns with our goal of supporting Overwatch 2 as a live service moving forward.’

Sorry, this statement is just hard to believe. I can’t seriously believe you think sticking the free hero option that far into the grind of the battle pass is okay on any level. This isn’t respecting your player base, this isn’t respecting how your game is designed on a fundamental level. I know there are hero changes but counter-picks are still a thing.

You can’t just say ‘But you can play something inferior’ and act like it is fair as an option. It’s not, you know it’s not, and you are lying to your players when you say a statement like this. Barring the competitive nature of the game, it’s fun to play the new heroes. People should be allowed to have fun without restrictions.

And then the decisions to have the heroes unlocked later through money or ‘challenges’ is ridiculous. Once a season ends, the hero should unlock for everyone freely.

Tier 55, do you think making new players grind to tier 55 is reasonable? Do you not want new players in your game? Hey, that fox girl hero we are advertising to you, you think she looks cool and fun to play? Too bad you can’t play her in the most popular modes until you spend a lot of time on other heroes.

Heroes should be unlocked right away whether you are free or not, it’s that simple. Keep the cool cosmetics on the pass/store and the game will be fine. How games haven’t learned to not give players a competitive edge for money is beyond me at this point. I know it works for you monetarily but it makes your game worse. It drives players away in the long run and doesn’t entice them to actually spend money from playing. You get a quick burst of cash and not a long-term investment.

Just pure corporate greed ruining the devs hard work. I am excited to actually play Overwatch 2, I am excited to see those amazing skins and the new maps in-game, I want to enjoy this game but it’s harder to do when decisions like this get made. You put a lot of love and care into the game and it means nothing if people can’t adequately experience it.


You see the design of other skins shown in the video and they all give a thousand kicks to that of Mercy.

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Honestly I think that’s okay, because if you do buy the WP, then you have seasons to rack up coins, I think you can get to a point where you can buy most premium passes


read that article carefully, it says 540 coins over the 9 week season, like you can only earn 60 per week

Yeah same. I have no problem with it personally because I will buy every BP anyway.


I sense a feeling of “entitled” , dude not everything is free in life


‘But then you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when you unlock them’
-probably some Overwatch dev


Two seasons you still have enough for a premium pass without spending a literal dollar, come on guys you just want them to give you everything for free ffs


… I have less problems. I don’t like some of what is there… but it’s honestly not as bad as I thought it was going to be and around as FOMO-ey as the old system was.

Not super jazzed about the whole limited sale thing on skins and other cosmetics… but if they rotate in and out and I’ll have chances to get them later then … less problem.

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