Overwatch 2 Explained: Battle Pass, Shop, Hero Unlocks, and more

It sounds like most of the cosmetics are in the 0-60 range maybe there will be 500 coins in the 61-80 range with the prestige stuff. Or they probably want you to grind 2 seasons and spend the free coins on the alternating hero battle pass which is more likely

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I was very optimistic about it before it, even with the hero lock news. The lack of premium currency to buy next seasons battle pass, an absolute staple of most reasonable games, is dumb and they should be called out.


New heroes will debut for everyone in Overwatch 2 at Tier 55 on the free track of the Battle Pass.



Fingers crossed, not sure why no story would detail that though. There are only 50 items listed in the Gamespot story for instance.

Perfect answers. Thank you so much. I am hyped and one of the new Kiriko mains. Cant wait to play OW2! Thank you again!

Also the new “arcade dva” skin you showed in one of the pictures is sick! Love it!

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More skins for Widow and Genji, non-stop!!!

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Will there be any way to obtein the Original Overwatch Credits in Overwatch 2?


I’m more upset with the lame justification about locking heroes being “fair to the players” as if we should be thankful for this. The reason for this is obviously because it will bump up BP sales, and that’s not an inherently bad thing, but it still feels insulting.


That’s Hanzo


How can I progress through the Battle Pass?

You can progress through the Battle Pass simply by playing the game, with experience points awarded at the end of each game. Battle Passes can be progressed more rapidly by completing in-game challenges which are offered on a daily and weekly refresh schedule. Grouping up with friends also applies an extra 20% Battle Pass experience per match!

Oh, no dumb daily crap to deal with? I can just play the game as I want? I might actually consider buying the battle pass, then.

What are in-game challenges and player rewards?

It’s our intention to make weekly challenges a fun part of Overwatch 2, and to not make anyone feel burdened by completing them. Challenges are in-game missions that you can complete for various rewards, including Battle Pass experience and Overwatch Coins. Most challenges will give you experience towards the Battle Pass, and completing enough Weekly Challenges will reward Overwatch Coins.


So are these challenges not tied to owning the battle pass or what?


Did you know Mercy also got a new legendary skin?


There are many places where you can play using new heroes that they have not yet unlocked. For example, all heroes are playable automatically in the Practice Range, Custom Games, No Limits, Mystery Heroes, Mystery Deathmatch, and select other game modes, as well as some special event game modes.

Mystery Heroes bout to pop off


Lucky that some said that Mercy would have many skins for OW2, we already see it, first teasers of the battle pass and no skin for her, fabulous.

There was literally a Mercy skin shown :man_facepalming:


Ignore this mercymain hawnu troll. Just a pissed kid.

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It’s definitely a weird thing to leave out, I just read the leak a few days ago and assumed that would happen so I didn’t look for it. This is the only game I play regularly and I still manage to get my fortnite pass done if I buy that one so it would be really great if that was how this game worked too.

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at 0:46 on the Season 1 trailer :person_facepalming:


The only 2 things I find myself devoid of criticisms on are the two Sojourn skins I saw (a commando and tech-noir PI? Neat.) and the news that a past PVE event might actually be getting a breath of fresh air that isn’t just another challenge mode.

Aside from that I still find locking a hero behind a pass a cause for concern and especially seeing as how that access is apparently at level 55 of 80: and that these passes are intended to be challenges that tide people over for 9 weeks.