Overwatch 2 Developer Blog: Designing heroes for a new era

Overwatch 2 Developer Blog: Designing heroes for a new era

We’ve been cooking up some new ideas, and we’re considering how all heroes will perform as we step into the future of Overwatch 2.

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Let’s take a look at this…

What’s funny is that earlier I suggested a damage reducing capability on antiheal and people were like “That’s too strong”.

Go figure.

Currently I swapped that idea out for this one, which I thought was pretty inventive because it maintains the 100% heal blocking, but if a player (I.e. Tank) can survive it, then it’s not nearly as debilitating.


Sounds good, I like what I’m hearing. Moira definitely needs a rework, and what you’ve got sounds interesting.


Weaken is the current iteration that the team is working on. This ability begins charging when reload is pressed once, causing Moira to build up energy in her hand. After Weaken is charged, Moira can fire a projectile that significantly lowers attack and healing output. She can choose when to fire this projectile or hold it at the cost of not being able to use her primary or secondary fire at the same time.

This actually sounds pretty cool, and I’d like to see it tested in the Beta.

Also, thank you so much for providing such in-depth communication with us, and please continue to do so!


I’m glad that Moira is getting the attention she needs.


Moira get’s a new ability on reload button that she never used? Idk if I like another version of anti-nade though, it just makes it harder to peel for teammates when Moira goes flanking and succs and orbs people.

But uuuh…

Are other heroes with no usable reloads under consideration for new abilities? :eyes:


Knowing that you’re thinking of using the reload key to give her something new makes me really happy, many Moira players have been worried about y’all wanting to put something on fade lol


This type of communication is great. It’s lovely to hear more about failed tests and what you are currently working on.

Next it would be great to hear about lesser spoken about heroes, such as Junkrat, Pharah, Symm or Reaper. Moira has had copious amounts of testing on the experimental card, it would be nice to give other heroes some limelight…


Yeah she’s been on experimental card a lot, but majority of those things didn’t pass (thankfully)


Yeah those ideas missed the mark by a wide margin, but it’s still nice to try ya know? It would be cool if towards the end of the next beta phase, they chucked up an experimental card with a few things they’re testing for beta phase 3.

I really, really like that:
-This isn’t a form of CC with slows, stuns, or ability removal
-This isn’t another damage boost
-This doesn’t remove anything from Moira’s current kit

Like, solid looking stuff!


I like the idea of weaken, but I suspect it will either not survive beta or get so severely nerfed it may as well be useless. I wonder how it interacts with other abilities like charge or EMP, since those do special damage.

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Weaken sounded the best and the most interesting to me.
Looks like they are really struggling to give Moira an utility and make her impactful. But i am glad to hear that she is being worked on!


this is really interesting, and it’s cool to see the different iterations to get a sense of how the process works for new hero abilities. weaken sounds really interesting and fits a cool niche, my two main concerns are:

  1. it struggles to compete with anti-nade, which is a full healing block, not a skill shot, and ana doesn’t have to withhold her primary abilities while holding nade to use
  2. how to communicate to players what a %-based reduction means to them, compared to the relatively straightforward aspects of something like anti-nade (being purple means you can’t be healed). how do they know if they’re being affected by weaken, so that they’re less aggressive, know to back off till it wears off, etc.? similar to the nullify abilities challenges.
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I hope they don’t just focus on Moira but also give buffs to other supports like Mercy…


“The team played around with the idea of attaching a passive effect to her alternate fire but found that we would have to lower the overall potency due to the damage beam’s high uptime. Weaken won’t have the same uptime, so we have more room to turn it into a play-making, game-changing ability. It won’t feel free to land, and Moira will have to manage timing, positioning, and cast direction to successfully use Weaken.”

This is why I said last week that her kit holds her back….it’s hard to attach stuff to her without making it seem overbearing….(the same would apply if we’re talking about orb)

Raising her skill floor/ceiling is always a plus in my book……hopefully they aren’t just looking at adding to her

Looking at attack reduction AND damage reduction? Damn Blizzard, fully decided to come outside of the box after 6 years.

Weaken sounds like it’ll just have the same problem as sleepdart. Making things a skillshot just makes people use it exclusively on targets that don’t need skill to hit. So, tanks and Bastion.

Please don’t add in sleepdart 2.0. Or at least, make the tank passive limit the duration of status effects.


Could’ve just said, we are looking at balancing moira right now, lol.

Did that article really just say, “we didn’t like this idea, or this idea or this idea.”

What is the point of that?? That could’ve been one sentence. We are looking at changing moira.


Once again changing stuff that is not needed instead of addressing the problem.

The game doesn’t need cleanse abilities and stiff like that just because refusing to nerf ana’s nade.

The OW team really need to do solo plays on the public server.

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Binding an ability to reload for characters that don’t reload will work.

It only feels funny at first but we can adapt/rebind.

For the controller users, we have adapted a play method for years when it comes to complex layouts. Have you heard of the claw grip?

If it helps a character without removal or unnecessary changes of abilities then do it.

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