One tricks being banned


Jeff Kaplan said in an interview:
“I think the game gets in a very dangerous state when we tell you who you’re allowed to play and not play with the game functioning like it does right now. The allure and the fantasy of Overwatch is there are these 26 heroes, and you can log in at any moment and be one of them. We should be trying to keep them all viable, and all decent picks within a team composition. I mean, sometimes you’re gonna be countered, but we can’t leave it at other players’ discretion to decide what you should be doing.”

That straight up means that ALL one trick characters are allowed. It doesn’t make tracer toxic.


When a character is bad in a meta, and you play nothing but the character who is bad in that meta, you are throwing.

Specially locking in off meta DPS, in a game saturated with DPS players.


You mean every dps player not playing Hanzo and being Wraxu extraordinaire is a toxic thrower because Hanzo is the only dps you ever need and every other dps pales in comparison and triplesupport is so meta right now?

Nah. I don’t think so.


That is one extreme, yes.
Hanzo is meta, so naturally anything that works with him is meta, anything strong against him is meta.

I saw a post from a player who was currently rated 4200. He was ranting about the state of the game and how poorly balanced everything was.

He had played 6 hours of Tracer ONLY this season, and had a 40% winrate.

That’s throwing.


just learn other heroes, it’s a team based game.


Blizzard disagrees with you.


Not when the lead developer of the game AND the rules say it isn’t.


Their hands are tied…

I think we are all intelligent enough to know that someone playing above 4000 SR, playing only Tracer with a 40% win rate is throwing.

You are more likely to lose because of that one guy, than someone who hasn’t decided to one trick something off meta for the luls.


On the contrary, I think we are all intelligent enough to know that YOU do not respect the rules of the game.


I as a flex player don’t respect one tricks throwing my games, no.
I commit to the win, I play whatever hero I need to.
It’s heart breaking to put in all that effort, just to be stuck at a disadvantage for some selfish person.

The rules also contradict themselves.

You’re expected to put in 100% to win every game you’re in.
But that doesn’t apply to hero picks, which is a large percentage of a games outcome?

Playing off meta isn’t putting 100% into the win.


Where does the rules contradict themselves? Quote or link it.

Don’t mix up your personal opinion with offical rules that people are suppose to play/report by.


If you quoted just a little bit more of my post, the answer to your post would have been included in your post lol.

You are expected to try your hardest in whatever game you’re in.
That means playing to win.
If you’re playing off meta heroes, you aren’t trying your hardest.
You’ve handicapped your team.


Quote where the rules contradict themselves.

Like I said, this is your personal opinion, which Blizzard disagrees with.


No, you are expected to play to win xD
That is the entire point of a competitive mode xD

You’re splitting hairs and being semantic.
I’ve made my point.


for some of them sur ebut not all of them, aarge had video evidence for ALL of his games because he is a streamer, he got unbanned several times cause of community outrage n even got a loot box present or something idk but even he got a ban upheld…

“if you are banned you did something to deserve the ban” is a dangerous mentality.


Playing to win doesn’t mandate hero change. There is no rule or Blizz posts that support your selfish views. People didn’t sign up to OW under your rules.

It’s not being semantic because you’re equating throwing to not-switching. Throwing is a reportable offense. Not-switching is not reportable. Off-meta picks are not reportable.


I’m selfish?
How am I selfish?
I flex for the win…
How is it selfish of me to think symmetra is dead weight in streets phase?

How is it selfish of me to notice a weak link in our team comp?

I want to win. I want my team to win. I play for the win.

Why should five people have to suffer because you’d rather have fun in the competitive mode?
There are more casuals modes for exactly that kind of behaviour.

How is it selfish of me, to want for my team to win?
How is it selfish to stand five against one and ask for equal input…


It’s selfish because you think people should be punished for not playing the game your way.

And you still haven’t linked where the rules contradict themselves.


Well Said, I flex as well and nothing is more disheartening than a 1 trick that is countered and won’t change.


Yeah, people should be punished for throwing.
The individual should be punished for letting the team down.
One tricking is selfish.