Once more ow forums are ignored in favor of reddit

Thanks Andy. Always appreciate you!

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There is no way someone this childish is a doctor. Your right to yell at people who make video games for making them a way you don’t like has less than nothing to do with the basic human need for medical treatment.

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If you read my posts, you’d notice I made other occupational comparisons too.

Anyone who has a job that deals with people has to sometimes deal with jerks.

It’s pretty simple actually: if you want to take money from people, you have to deal with people.


That sounds like the Overwatch forums are a terrible environment.

I consider the current game experience to be far more toxic than the forums, and I think a lot of the frustration stems from the current game.
I would argue that the tone of the forum changes as the in-game experience improves.
Introducing PVE elements is probably the right way to go.

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This customer-is-always-right mindset, that makes you think you have the right to be a tyrant just because you spent a few bucks, is a sadly rampant disease of modern society and anyone endorsing it is not just childish, but blatantly immoral.

If you yell at wait staff at the restaurant because your jalapeno poppers took a little too long, you are a bad person. Likewise, if you spend your time online yelling at game developers, you are a bad person. This is not how healthy-minded adults behave.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the customer, there are lines you don’t cross, simply because the other party is also human and deserves basic dignity, on top of the fact that your entire transaction is utterly trivial in the grand scheme of things. There is no justification for treating people the way gamers treat game developers.

No one is telling you not to critique the game or to not complain. But not a single thread gets posted to these forums without someone inside it saying horrible, degrading, and usually false things about the actual human beings that make this game. There is no excuse for it, and no one is obligated to subject themselves to that kind of abuse.


Sharing your own personal experience with the topic is always the most useful feedback we can receive. Tell us what’s causing friction, how it’s affecting your play experience, how it makes you feel.

We can pull numbers until we’re red in the face. Anecdotal feedback about player experience provides said numbers with context that’s impossible to quantify.


Nah, if you don’t like anything most others like or like things they don’t like, you get downvoted for hell.
And many comments are so cringe, karma-farming. Like a cluster of things they believe would give them the highest amount of karma. Meme-style comments, or attacking users with negative karma on their comments because they feel strong doing so… or hope to get karma.

I don’t even mean toxic comments or so… It can even be a purley cosmetic decision in a game or who your favorite character in a show/manga/game/whatever is.


Thus the (rightful) perception that reddit is a safe space echo chamber. Agreement with the majority is the only way to be heard.


Telehealth is not the same mate. Please stop. You are setting up an alternative channel to do consultations which is your job. I’ve set up telehealth platforms.

Their job is delivering the game and they do that. They don’t choose the players that play hence the toxic comments online.

AMAs are optional. If they don’t do them, they are still developing the game and can gather feedback through various means. If you refuse to see your patients in my country, you’ll have your license removed.


There’s a very large difference between saying “People are less likely to be angry if they are treated well instead of poorly” vs “Anything anyone does while they are angry is justified.”

And acting like they are the same and that we can’t discuss how mistreatment can negatively impact others because some people handle their angry poorly is just moral cowardice that attempts to frame everyone as good or bad, heroes and villains, so they don’t have to engage in the tricky discussions where both sides can share blame.


At least ow still gets blue posts… wow is more or less ghost town.

They can claim toxic community all they want but I never really believed it. You can’t tell me the trolls are more likely to be on the official message board over reddit.

Frankly I think it’s a marketing thing. By posting on Reddit they might get the attention of people who don’t play Overwatch Already. Posting here is just talking to people who already play the game for the most part.


Yup. The devs aren’t part of the Customer service team, they don’t have to talk to us. It’s poor relations if they don’t and gonna make people mad, but it’s still optional. Communication is a two way street, nobody should expect staff to be mistreated.


Not communicating with a playerbase is not “mistreatment” in any sense of the word. No game developer owes you any communication, certainly not on your exact preferred platform, and certainly not into eternity, long after the game has been abandoned to maintenance mode.

Could you please have some self-control and not immediately use the phrase I just taught you. I know it sounds good, that’s why I used it. But it doesn’t apply in any way to a simply reductive argument, which is all you’re really accusing me of.

Sorry, I’m one of those weird people that thinks there are some clear moral lines that exist, and that treating people like trash because you’re mad about a video game is one of those lines.

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You do understand causality, right?

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You don’t say you’re gonna collect feedback from people, completely ignore that feedback and not say a word to them, and then show back up a year later and be like “So…wassup” and expect to not have annoyed some people. That is no way to treat customers. Anyone who thinks this is an appropriate way to treat customers and not engaging in poor customer service likely has never worked it. It is mistreatment of customers.

It is not entitled expect response back after giving developers feedback in the place that explicitly asked for feedback and want some communication. That’s an area Blizzard can improve. Just as customers can express themselves more politely

But twisting what people said to try to make them seem immoral is a-okay in your book. Seems you can dish it but can’t take it.

Edit: btw you neither taught me nor invented that phrase. Please don’t act like it’s yours just because you’re mad it got dished back at you.


Congratz on nearly 100 posts here. Glad that the 80-20-5 theory is basically confirmed in this post though it sounds more like 80-10-5 now. So it’s what I’ve always said 80% of people who play these games won’t ever come here to voice concerns and about 10% of people will bother to post, maybe lurk here and there. 5% will go the full distance and make extremely long posts and engage more than other community members/players. And the last remaining % likely goes into the 80% portion.

I know I’m grateful you engage with us, we needed this for the longest time so i hope with your continued presence we will get better ideas as to certain intentions for OW2s design philosophy especially.

Honestly if you take a look at the front page of the General Discussion forums it becomes abundantly clear why forum suggestions are scarcely taken into consideration. 9/10 suggestions/opinions posted here are horrible takes that offer nothing of value. People complaining about how heroes generally accepted to be of good balance or underpowered are somehow OP because of one specific part of their kit. People talking about how certain roles are easy or how certain roles don’t contribute/contribute too much despite having no evidence besides numbers where they assume everyone in game is playing with absolute perfect precision and reaction times. People suggesting rebalances for their main which throw them into OP territory.

You get the idea. Most of the takes here are knee jerk reactions which aren’t really thought out and are mostly driven by feelings rather than actual experience and knowledge in balancing a game.

Do sites like reddit have the same issue? Absolutely, but that stuff tends to get filtered out really easily, making it better for picking out valuable feedback since the community does most of the curation for them.


You do know that a great deal of that toxicity exists because of the total lack of communication, response to concerns and the overwhelming feeling that constructive well thought out posts feel like yelling into the void right?


Well that and the lies. Blizzard isn’t as bad as some companies but it’s been known to promise the world and deliver nothing…

How long ago did they talk about reworking the training area? Or how they promised to add more AI bots to the VS AI mode…

Heck remember the “Crawl,Walk,Run” social update… and we just never got the Run part they promised back in October or so 2018. Didn’t even tell use they canceled it, just nothing.

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