Ok people this is a vote

I mean, that’s not the same at all is it? It’s more like you enjoyed a dish (Overwatch) and someone cooked that dish with a few different ingredients, but it’s still recognisable as the original dish. Without trying that person’s cooking, you assume it tastes like faeces and refuse it.


Probably will buy it when it’s really cheap on sale for the story mode … will most likely stop playing OW when OW2 comes out and all the changes and reworks go live.

More like, we have a hamburger, the chef removed the meat. Boom ! Easier to prepare, some vegetarians are happy and every customers have no choice but to deal with it, and it is sold as a revolutionary dish, for the same price, but deep inside we know this is a scam.

And we should not forget that some time ago the restaurant officially declared : “The amount of ingrediants for this dish is 6, and it will always be 6”.

Conclusion : This restaurant is not trustworthy. And i’m hungry now.


I stopped spending money on overwatch 1. No way I’m going to spend money on OW2 when I feel like it’s turning into a game I don’t want to play.

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…yeah but if the burger meat was rancid to begin with, then someone dropped it on the floor and…lol, no more food analogies.

In all honesty, I’ll probably wait for a free weekend before I even consider OW2. OW is the most rage inducing game I have ever played, and if the sequel is the same toxic mess, I’m not playing it no matter how many players per match!

I think maybe that means the PvE has to be large enough and good enough to warrant the price tag, because no doubt PvP will be the same highly team reliant unfun nonsense.

I think 5v5 could be really good.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

I already do not spend money on Overwatch aside from the fee that I paid to play in 2017. I find earning my lootboxes more rewarding.

Very much big brain play here

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I’m not going to make a decision 1-2 years before the game is released.

Depends if she rework Brig and Symm to be fun for me to play again. If so, yes. If stays more or less the same, then no.

depends on what my battlenet friends think and how the game scores on youtube reviews. definitely won’t pre-order it.

I am willing to buy it but I think it will just going to suck and the PvP doesn’t seems like is getting any better.

I plan on buying Overwatch 2 because the PVE aspect is promising.
I don’t expect the story to interest me that much, but I hope some missions will have interesting and unique mechanics, Blizzard at least know how to create varied scenarios in their campaigns with clever game design.
I like Overwatch, so I don’t mind spending money on what is essentially a glorified DLC, even if it’s a throwaway campaign that will be forgotten in a week.

I got my money’s worth when I bought OW because I am not an idiot and didn’t purchase extra lootboxes or OWL skins.

I mean with how loot boxes have fallen out of favor… I almost expect that they wont exist anymore in OW2, though I have no concrete evidence/reasons to support that theory.

I will probably buy the game, but don’t have a PC that could run it quickly so that is up in the air. I do know I won’t be buying cosmetics or anything of the sort.

Those kinds of things were fun when I first started playing this game, but now that I’m more focused on just improving, I don’t so much care what my hero looks like.

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I’ve already made the decision to never spend money on lootboxes in any game. That’s not gonna change.

I’ll definitely buy OW2, and if Blizz converts over to a reasonable and respectable way to sell cosmetics, then they could probably get a little more money out of me on the side.

There is nothing in OW2 so far that addresses any of the problems in OW1. So my understanding is, the PvE portion of OW2 is something to keep you logged in to blow off steam on NPCs who don’t insult you, or throw the match, or smurf, or aimbot. Absolutely nothing in OW2 has anything to do with fixing the matchmaker, or preventing smurfs/throwers/toxic people on your teams, etc. OW2 = OW1 with shinier graphics and the same problems. Furthermore, by the time OW2 comes out, who’s really going to care by then? SOOOOO many better games coming out next near, or the year after… The only game I’m looking forward to is Elder Scrolls 6, and I’ll lose myself in that game while people are getting angry in this game.

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An opinion based on a very incomplete project. You can dislike the idea of 5v5, but we have no idea how it will actually play. The gameplay we saw was missing all the new heroes, tons of balance changes and hero reworks, map changes etc. Drawing a conclusion from such incomplete information doesn’t make sense imo.

I will buy OW2, loot boxes, battle passes, skins and booty thickeners for Reaper.

I will not buy Overwatch 2.

  1. I will not be able to endure the toxicity of people insisting the tank/bruiser to change hero.
  2. I will not be able to enjoy a faster game, because that will unfortunately become a pew-pew first-person-shooter game, which is something no longer relaxing after a hard day at work.
  3. I will not consider it team anymore, because personal progression and individual play will be the focus. Teamwork and synergy will no longer be promoted. The tank will be alone, and DPS will play alone. There will be no need for voice chat, unless for something toxic or trolling.
  4. Smurfs… they were not handled in Overwatch 1 at all. Just imagine what impact they will have in OW2. However, company will be happy, because smurfs will still buy alternate accounts, increasing sales

I shall refuse to buy Overwatch 2.