(Official) Overwatch 2 Beta Patch notes - MAY 5, 2022

Shes not overpowered and shes just barely “ok”. Theyre trying to make the new hero more reliable. Just because you see ber every game in the beta doesnt mean shes OP. Shocker.


Yea, it’s 2 extra shots compared to now to kill; not just 1. Tho it’s beta; I assume if he is too weak he will be changed before it goes live.


Very disappointing they are making the new 1-shot in the game (which was not necessary) easier to land. Soji did not need the 1-shot. OW did not need another 1-shot. She does ample damage to finish a hero if her right-click did in the region of 160 crit damage. She has most likely already weakened the target building her rail gun charge, and she has disruptor to throw with its large AoE. The 1-shot is too much and they should resist adding any more 1-shots to OW.


You mean back when most of his shots were going into shields rather than enemies? I don’t necessarily agree this is the right change (19 damage and 25 ammo, like he used to be, would be good too).

I also think they should do something about his heal pad. Remove it and give him 225 HP with 75 of it being the regen blue stuff (shields?). His heal pad gives him way too much sustain now and I assume he had it because he would. go on flanks in OW1 to get around shields. Now shields are pretty much gone his heal pad should go too.

So how is snap kick going to stop genji from just getting into zenyatta’s face from the billion different flanker angles that he can’t possibly keep an eye on at the same time, pressing deflect button to make himself immune to melee attacks and canceling deflect into right click to score instant KO anyway?

Zenyatta change is honestly just going to be a big meme and I’m not sure they’re taking beta seriously anymore.

Sure, he can now bodyshot bodyshot + discord kick a tracer but… yea…

With the significant amount of changes to both Doom and Orisa, the Hero team wanted to take a bit more time to monitor and consider any tuning.


And what are their thoughts on Symmetra?


Any hopes for a change to how sleep dart interacts with tanks like Hog, Ball and Doomfist? It’s just not fun being defenceless to a 5 second stun.

I guess top 500 players and pros are bad.

I second this. Any acknowledgement that she’s being looked at in any way?

Also her tp still selfdestructs! We’ve made some tweets about this, hoping the new game would have fixed the catastrophic bug

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No thoughts head empty. She’s either getting reworked or neglected. It’s all in or all out with this hero…would be great if Andy could give us something to work with. This hero’s been neglected for too long and I’m getting sick of it

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Sym is such a niche pick, even in OW1, so I am sure blizz is watching her closely to see how she fits in OW2. I imagine thats hard, considering everyone wants to try the new hotness, not heroes that have barely changed.

It would still give it time

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Can definitely say that is not the kind of trait I’d ever expect Zen to have. Guess he’s got such strong kicks cause he doesn’t waste energy by walking.
Also, Hammond can spin again.

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Meh she’s where she should be, I think we’d both agree.

I played some placements on her in OW1 earlier, but I played like it was OW2, which ended up being hysterical and effective.

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I’m extremely happy with where she is!

this is the second week of this beta and the first of more betas so they will be do way more changes to alot of heros dont worry and the first patch notes looks really good keep going

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Great looking first patch. :+1:

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It smells a lot like “we need to come up with something…anything” and this was the result


It’s even less fun to be the squishy 200hp Ana with any of them in your face, and two of them can just consistently dive you over and over.

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No its displayed next to I just hope they limit tanks soon like ive been asking, because I just played Goats on my team Rein, DVA, Zarya Brig Bap not even lying.

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