Doom feels like has 0 impact

I think he is mostly fine you are just super dependent on your DPS picking up on your cc to confirm kills, I would imagine in pro play he is going to be one of the top tanks.

Think most of his problems can be solved by some number tweaks with either slightly more damage on rocket punch, lower cooldown on slam and more ult charge since its such a low impact ult and takes forever to get because he does such low damage.

Personally think slam having a lower cooldown would be the best bet.


I’ve been watching getquakedon, and if he can’t finish kills… I doubt 99% of people can. He can jump in with his seismic leap or w/e it called, charge up his fist maybe pop a couple shots off that do almost no dmg and then punch out.


I’ve seen xqc finish multiple kills and he’s played the game maybe three times in a year.

I honestly like this idea having multiple ways to power up rocket punch sounds good that or make empowered punch have half the charge up time of normal punch could also be nice

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While QuakedOn is a really great DF player, keep in mind his playstyle was never very orthodox. He played rollout DF in OW1 and now he’s still tryna play DF in a dps manner, not exactly the “”“intended”"" way. Frankly I haven’t been enjoying watching his gameplays lately bc hes just flying around instead of tanking lol

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This has happened to me a few times and I started to pick this up. If I see doom jump into the back like I literally just stand behind as the tank and take the charged punch and watch him die. I was successful with it twice which forced the Doom to switch.

Matter of fact I’ve watched any tank who switch off Doom do better overall. Usually they just switch to Orisa cause she brawls better and that spear is better rocket punch.

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All the people that blew him up still blows him up.

Hog just makes his day worthless as with less damage he just face tanks doom and hooks him through block.

I tried everything and there’s nothing I could do against a hog.

Because Doomfist can’t tank he has the worse tank option and if you don’t fly around you are about to have a very bad day.

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You kinda gotta be careful though, previously Doom was built upon bursting people down more or less instantly which is something he shouldn’t be able to do as a Tank…

This specifically sounds like he needs vertical movement (did they get rid of uppercut?). This wonder if they could modify his standard quick melee attack to be context dependent or something to give him more options. He’s sposed to be a martial arts guy after all right :man_shrugging:t2:

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shouldn’t have changed his kit so much, old doom with less damage+more health would’ve been fine if he got shoved into tank category, easily much more preferable than what we got

they gutted his kit and identity to make him winston with a less effective zarya bubble and his punch.


Oh look, its CryoForel making anothing baseless post.


Mei, Widowmaker Bastion and Doom were all capable of peeling and making space due to sightlines and trajectory alone (minus Mei who literally has a giant wall), they really didn’t need to change that much about Doom to make him a tank beyond giving him more health and toning his damage down some, dooms new kit isn’t nearly as fun and every tank does whatever your trying to do as Doom… better than Doom does by far

He still gets blown up fan the hammer and magnetic grenade kills you he still has the combo.

Wait hold on how is it basless its pretty accurate also arent you the same guy who said sigma needed small buffs during the double shield meta?
Yet you would call my post baseless?

Must be thinking of someone else

Also, doom feels great, dont know what youre talking about

I don’t really use his slam to escape. I play it lame, I tend to slam in a safe zone, like from front of the choke with my team behind then I follow up with a power block and then I decide whether to push out or to punch the enemy group depending on my health and repeat this process. This should be enough to allow the team mates to also throw in some damage and heals your way and to stay alive. That is the main thing I try to do instead of going in deep looking for kills unless I want to pick off a healer in the backline but I ensure I have ultimate or close to it before doing that.

Doom was always an easily counterable, dodgable character. People got mad cause he exploited bad positioning and they didn’t want to admit it was their fault.
He was high risk high reward, now he’s just a bad mash of other tanks abilities. All the skills players spent training for him, the most mechanically complex hero in the game, are gone now.
Laid it all out here to help non-doom mains understand.
They Destroyed Why People Played Doom (And How To Fix Him) - General Discussion - Overwatch Forums (

More and more people will see how bad and bland he is and I hope they change his power block

Something will defintely come

considering the fact that blocking damage with block immediately puts his punch cooldown to 0, what more do you want

I doesn’t just pit it at zero only if it’s charged.

And you mainly use it as an escape punch if you started any engagement with slam.

I want meaningful damage in his gauntlet and not in handcannon

I’d also like the return of uppercut not Winston leap.