OW2 Doom just isn't fun

I actually enjoyed Tanking in OW1, well, until they made Tanks weak flimsy Feedbots

Not true at all, it’s more so about enjoying the way something is not just familiarity. Unless you ever played a fighting game this might not make any sense to you, but you are essentially playing a different game when your character changes up so much from their original idea. And when it’s compensated with a stytle that’s considered bland and not engaging of course there will be criticism.

And if you come from a fighting game back ground. It’s like playing Ryu in streetfighter for three years and they update him to play like Zangief accept he doesn’t do as much damage as Zangief, can’t zone like he use to, and his damage is about as strong as Dhalism but no range. He’s just a hosh posh mess.

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Well I got about 10000 ranked matches in BlazBlue, and am 10.1M GSP in Smash Bros

Then it’s like playing Fox in Ultimate but then they change him to play like Donkey Kong except he doesn’t do as much damage as Donkey Kong and instead of lasers you now have Arrows except a fully charged arrow only does the damage of a non charged Link Arrow and the only way to secure taking a stock is if you hit them with Side B Headbutt

Well, I was a Roadhog main, who came to the forums because he went from B tier in season 3 to F tier overnight.

Eventually he became one of the most balanced heroes in the game with a playstyle that would be fun for people who played in season 3.

And Hog’s concept was never changed.

The thing is you secretly know the issue you just refuse to acknowledge it. Usually that comes from bias but I digress

Maybe they’ll change up hog next to make him less engaging to you and you will finally verbally acknowledge the issue.

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He got his damage cut in half.

And his cooldown increased by 33%.

That’s not Hog’s concept, that’s his damage.

Every Doom player has said they don’t mind a damage nerf from his original kit just keep the kit.


bro you’re being clear as day, he’s a silver player who doesn’t know how the hero works and in turn probably hates doom.
wouldn’t even bother trying to change his mind anymore.

Doubt you can get that. But surely they can give more of the “feel” back.

I.e. More damage on empowered punch

That’s mostly because you’re approaching this like the mass-rez mercy mains after her rework.


Rather than focusing on making the reworked version more fun.

Guess what? When something gets changed, some people will like it and some dislike it. You can’t please them all.

It makes no sense. How are they going to give a hero who is meant to be fast and fluid with all the rest of his abilities, but then has one abilities that literally slows him to a crawl, and just sets him up to be stunned.


I’ve to agree that DF just feels sluggish and unfun compared to his old play style. I’m no GM but I’ve got hundreds of hours on him in comp and quick play and judging from the current beta experiences I’ve had with doom, I’ll be dropping him on release. As stated it feels like almost every other tank gets far more value than DF can and requires far more team cohesion unless you’re playing at a zbra, samito, quaked skill level. And let’s be real, you’re not.

well said :ok_hand: , he is so boring and doesn’t have the feeling of the real doomfist , he is just a frogfist

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Majority of Doom players dont like the changes and the majority of people who like the changes don’t play Doomfist and will not play him in the future, especially when they realize how bland it is when you get the concept.

Speak for yourself…
How can you be mad at a change that actually rewards improving and being good at hitting Doom shots? Pressing E on someone and then Shift is the easiest thing ever. No skill required. An actual good doomfist has good aim
That being said, his name is doomFIST… makes no sense for his rocket punch to be completely outclassed by Orisa’s javelin. But then again it can’t be one-shotting people with it… that’s hog’s thing

Doomfist refers to the Gauntlet, not the baby cannons.

And I also disagree with his power being all into his cannons.

I don’t play Doomfist to be an Aim God. If I wanted to be rewarded for good aim I’d play someone like Widow or Ash


Community managers and devs, have said multiple times in interviews, the forum feedback guide AND EVEN REPLIES TO YOU, that the best feedback is explaining your issue, if it is fun or not and your background (I.e support main or doom main or comp player).

Patch notes are for fun not legitimate feedback…

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OW2 Doom is very fun. It’s nice not getting deleted for poking my head out

If you died before engaging with Doom you wasn’t playing him right.

Dying while engaged sure

But this goes to prove how much the skill ceiling is lowered