(Official) Mccree's new name is Cole Cassidy

Jesse McCree was an actual name of one of their employees. It’s who the game’s character was named after.

Cole Cassidy is not the same as Butch Cassidy.

yup thats all i have to say on that .

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i wish his name was just dave

AndyB we dont deserve your grace on the forums XD

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Just to be very clear: this is not the case.


Do you think anyone might assume that’s the link?

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It’s the same surname as another well known Wild West gunslinger.

Come on, it’s like having a male Russian sniper with a bolt-action rifle called Vasily and not thinking people would make the link to Vasily Zaitsev.


I laughed out loud when I saw the news. The name is honestly, and I hardly ever use this phrase, completely cringe-worthy… :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :joy:

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Im just going to bring this up again from my other post about the Mccree name change when it was announced 2 months ago:

I know this is a big change, but can we all try to be civil and not attack each other or the devs for this decision?

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It’s fair that people would assume this. It’s probably better to think of it as leaning into a trope of a “cowboy sounding name”, similarly to how other characters have done before us.


But surely that fictional character is named after the real Butch Cassidy.

In 1904 Butch Cassidy was wanted across everywhere in the United States hence he fled to South America.

Wow. Such a load of over analysis over a fictional game character name :joy:

Is that an assessment of your own analysis in this thread as well?

Difference being, I was stating facts.

So was I and you were using just as much analysis, your criticism would stick more if you didn’t immediately make excuses for yourself doing the same.

But you’re not stating facts in assuming the character’s name is based on Butch Cassidy.

I make the least assumptions with my proffer, otherwise for it to be a coincidence requires greater assumption.

And I don’t see how a “cowboy sounding name” that happens to be the exact same name as a real cowboy is actually different from simply being based on that individual’s name.

Except that it’s not the exact same name. The game’s character is now called Cole Cassidy.

but didnt the harrassment happen over 3 months ago?
See where im going with this?