No SR after a comp win

So I’ve just finished a comp game, roughly a 20 minute match, and then when the game ends, I get an error saying “an unexpected server error has occurred” and I get no SR. I’m not sure if I’ve put this in the right place, I’m playing on PS4. I should get some form of compensation for no SR.

Had the same happen on PC. Thread
From what i could dig up there is not going to be any compensation.
Still don’t have an official answer if its a known bug.

We really should be compensated, it’s such bs

The issue is now resolved, SR gains for wins should now be getting back to normal:

but what about the sr I’ve already not been given?

It will not likely be restored as there is no easy way for that to be fixed.

I don’t mean SR, what about something like a skin, a gold loot box, or owl tokens?

Again, there is no easy way to determine who was affected and who was not. Most malfunctions (regardless of cause) are not restored or compensated.

I don’t see how it would hurt blizzard just to give all players compensation due to a malfunction on their end

Because they have a policy of never restoring SR for anyone, regardless of reason or fault, they are not likely to grant anything else either. More information here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

I literally just wrote not SR, any other form such as owl tokens or a loot box

I’ve updated my reply to fully explain what I meant by that.

huh, that’s just dumb, if blizzard have had an issue that has negatively affected players, then they should be willing to compensate for players loss