No one will quit after 222

I think there could be an unlocked queue (for preferences reasons) with 2-2-2 role limit that would set a match for you in your highest role SR where people could swap roles with a 2-2-2 role limit. I could see that working I guess.

I mean I get why some people will knee-jerk quit out of protest. Imagine if chess had allowed people to build whatever chess piece composition they wanted since it was originally made and then suddenly they decided that players had to play the same composition against each other.

People who had grown used to playing as or against compositions that were extra heavy on Rooks and Bishops, or even the trollishly ineffective All Pawns, would be mad even if it made for a better game overall. They just learned to play a different way and had come to prefer it.

Once the dust settles I think people will largely be happy with it, though, same as when they did away with hero stacking.


Players will come back if they implement 2-2-2. Count me on that.


1- First try and prove it it’s a majority that want 2-2-2.

2- You can’t call it “adapting” when a system has been there since day one.

Thanks. Bye.


we will all try it out and see, but tbh i think it’s gonna be bad.

Man they are not gonna do it the bad way, look at Jeffs words:

I think they worry about not to force players to play what they don’t intend to. If some players wanna keep flexing I guess they will figure It out too.

I thought there would be a mass exodus, but then Blizzard flexed on us and showed we could have instant queue times. So, I feel the 30 minute estimation was worst case scenario. We will probably only have to wait about 10 minutes. And that IS too long for some people. But I will still stick around.

1- There has been a poll in the forum. I don’t remember the exact results but was more or less like this:
45-50% thinks it will be very good for the game
15% thinks it would be slightly good
25-30% thinks that it will be very bad for the game
5-10% thinks that it will be slightly bad
The rest doesn’t know.

I know a poll in a forum is not representative of the whole community but it’s still a sample.

2- It’s adapting because the core mechanics of the game will remain the same and 222, at least in competitive is the most used composition already, especially at mid-high ranks.
Plus, actually the system at day one allowed you to pick 6 bastions against 6 reinhardt. Thank god they changed it.

dPs mAInS bAd

sUPorT mAiNs gOoD


If you thought the queue times sucked right now think about queue times after role queue. That’s gonna be the real cause of players leaving.

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I ‘‘adapted’’ to Doomfist.
And i still think he’s a disgusting character that doesn’t belong in the game.
Similarly, having 3/4th’s of the roster locked out of my reach will be something i can ‘‘adapt’’ to. I think the idea is equally disgusting. And people are seriously downplaying the downsides out of spite towards people who don’t want to play the characters they demand on their team.

You’d be surprised. Locked 2-2-2 would make me less likely to pick a tank or support.

Right now: I can pick a tank or support. If I need to switch, I can.
With lock: If I pick a tank or support, but need to switch, I now have vastly fewer options. Why would I do that to myself?

In the past I would agree that is true, but right now I feel the tank roster and support roster have quite the variety of picks for really any situation.

The only reason I can see swapping is because your ‘x’ role’d person is so bad you need them off that role because of incompetence.

Otherwise, most people are generally role locked anyway as they only play within a particular role by choice. There are a few people who have backfilled and learned some other stuff such as I rarely ever play DPS except like Torbjorn defense and sort of go main tank or main healing sort of equally.

If it is a 5-10 min queue as a DPS and i can play QP or Arcade when i wait no i will not quit.
But if it is a 40 min queue time and we will only be allowed to play minesweaper alt tabed (more likley) i will defenetly stop playing.

Final fantasy 14 just had a pretty nice expansion launch also borderlands 3 will pull a lot of people away and it might fragment the playerbase even more.

Thats good. I hope you are right. I don’t expect the players to behave any differently just because team composition gets locked. Game balance doesn’t accommodate for disruptive human behavior, so the matches will likely feel the exact same, imo.

If players haven’t quit by now because they enjoy the current Overwatch, forced compositions probably wont make them quit. But if people are on the fence, thinking it will be some magical fix, they are likely to be disappointed, imo.

Yea, i gona have a lot to play too soon other than this game, because of expansions.

I really only play to just make an hour go by quickly but other than that I haven’t really tried to get better or climb because there is no incentive in the game.

Are we even sure the forums represents 10% of the people playing this game, as you said it yourself.

Plus, there’s no big majority or small minority when it comes to your unofficial numbers meaning a lot of people are gonna be upset.

Never in competitive.

It’s not always the key to winning. It depends on the situation and the team you play against. Why limit our resources to winning ?

The game is fine the way it currently is. I’m not sure people have 4 DPS every competitive game. It’s overexaggerated in my opinion.

At least I’ve never experienced it in my career (I’ve been through Diamond all the way to GM and now I’m low Master).

If it’s a problem to specific ranks, maybe add the feature only for them.

For the highest levels 2-2-2 will not affect much, but at the lower ranks a forced 2-2-2 could kill OW.

The META only mattered before at the high ranks, but when it is enforced across the board and the META isn’t something of the gods, then low ranks won’t bother to stick around.

Remember elitists, if your underlings disappear, you may as well consider yourself a pro at licking dirt.